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Dong’e Ejiao Promotes Deep-rooted Tradition of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture

Dong'e Ejiao Production Workshop

On September 21, the "Silk Road – Yellow River Media Tour" team visited Dong'e County in China's Liaocheng. They toured the China Ejiao Museum and the Ejiao World Experience Factory, where they learned about the history and culture of Ejiao, the production process of Dong'e Ejiao, the business operations of the company, as well as information about intelligent factories and technological research and development, according to the Municipal Government News Office of Liaocheng City.

Dong'e Ejiao is a traditional Chinese medicinal material known for its nourishing properties. To produce authentic Dong'e Ejiao, three essential elements are required: the underground water of Dong'e, 100% pure donkey hide, and the traditional craftsmanship of Dong'e Ejiao, which has been recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. Without any one of these three elements, the genuine and authentic flavor of Dong'e Ejiao cannot be achieved.

As people walk along the long corridor of various production workshops for Dong'e Ejiao products, they are greeted by the rich fragrance of jujubes and the herbal aroma that permeates the air. In Dong'e Ejiao's modern production workshops, the intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship of Ejiao seamlessly integrates with modern technology. The intelligent and automated production lines not only reduce the labor intensity of workers but also significantly increase both the production capacity and quality of the products.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a repository of profound philosophical wisdom and thousands of years of health preservation concepts and practical experience of the Chinese nation. It is a treasure of ancient Chinese science and serves as a key to unlock the treasury of Chinese civilization. Over the past seventy years, Dong'e Ejiao has continuously explored and innovated, developing more than a hundred products with functions such as nourishment, health preservation, beauty, and skincare. These products carry multiple cultural connotations related to health preservation and contribute to the deep-rooted history and culture of Ejiao.

Source: Municipal Government News Office of Liaocheng City