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Dongming Grain Painting: Charm of Intangible Cultural Heritage Created with Grains

HEZE, China
"A Good Friend Comes from Afar," a grain painting by Han Guorui from Dongming, Heze, Shandong

What kind of magical results will be created through preservative treatment and elaborate collage with grains based on their natural shapes and colors?

Located in the southwestern part of Shandong Province, Dongming County holds the distinction of being the first county that the Yellow River enters upon reaching Shandong. The county has a long history, abundant natural resources, profound cultural deposits and a rich variety of folk arts. It is one of the important cradles of Chinese grain painting art.

Dongming grain painting has a history of more than 1,700 years. It stands as a representative provincial intangible cultural heritage in Shandong. This folk art involves the meticulous arrangement of various grains, leveraging their natural shapes and colors. After undergoing a preservative treatment, these crafted pieces become exquisite expressions of traditional craftsmanship. Embodying a natural and eco-friendly ethos, these artworks exude a distinct local charm. They carry the auspicious symbolism of "peace and prosperity" and the bountiful harvest of crops, earning them the affectionate title of "spiritual sustenance" adorning walls.

From the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Qingdao to the global promotion event of Shandong launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and further to the Shenzhen Cultural Industry Fair, the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo and the Shandong Cultural Industries Fair¨Ceach event has showcased Dongming grain paintings. These paintings, crafted from a gathering of grains, stand out as quintessential examples of Shandong's unique intangible cultural heritage. They have garnered significant attention both domestically and internationally.

Source: News Office of the People's Government of Dongming County