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Dongming’s gourd carving: Great beauty in a small space

HEZE, China
The Cheongsam Series of Dongming's gourd carving art

The gourd is an auspicious symbol and is believed to ward off evil spirits and to bring prosperity to descendants. Because the word gourd (hu lu) in Chinese roughly rhymes with fu lu or happiness and high emolument, it is also a symbol of wealth. Gourd culture is an important part of Chinese folk culture.

The gourd carving technique in Dongming County, Heze City, Shandong Province is an art form that integrates carving, painting, weaving, inlaying and other artisan skills. Mu Huimin, the fourth-generation inheritor of gourd carving skills in Dongming County, innovates boldly with the skills of his predecessors and has enriched the themes and production techniques of gourd art. His main works include the Cheongsam Series, the Fuwa Series, the Flower Series and other creative works. The image of the works is vivid and expressive, the colors bright and fluent, the workmanship exquisite and meticulous, and the meaning auspicious and beautiful. They have profound and broad cultural meanings and high artistic value.

Source: Information Office of Dongming County People’s Government