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Dutch (Demissionary) Prime Minister Mark Rutte leads Trade Mission to India and invites Indian Technology Companies to apply for The Hague’s Digital Soft Landing Program

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands

Dutch (Demissionary) Prime Minister Mark Rutte is on a trade mission in India. The goal is bolstering economic ties for both countries for the domains of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), Medical Technologies and Sustainable Food Systems. As part of the KET track, The Hague & Partners is launching a unique initiative called Digital Softlanding Program Cyber Security between the Netherlands and India. The aim of this program is to help India's top 10 Cyber Security companies with their European expansion via the Netherlands. During the trade reception in Bangalore on 11th of September, Demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte inaugurated the program and made a call to action for India's best Cyber Security companies to apply.


The Digital Softlanding Program on Cyber Security is a uniquely founded program by The Hague and Partners to guide India's 10 best cyber security companies as they expand into Europe. The Program is a government-sponsored initiative with the aim of helping innovative cyber security companies validate their entry strategy for the European market through a structured 4-step digital process before their physical expansion. This initiative is executed by a consortium of public and private partners consisting of: The Hague & Partners, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, InnovationQuarter, Municipality of The Hague, Security Delta (HSD) and Dutch Basecamp.

Anesh Kisoen of The Hague and Partners is the founder of the Digital Softlanding Program and responsible for Technology companies wanting to expand their presence within Europe.
"Cyber Security is an important topic in the bilateral relationship between India and the Netherlands.," he said. "As The Hague, the Cyber Security Centre of Europe, we can encourage the exchange of innovation between both countries and contribute to securing a safe digital environment by initiating this Digital Softlanding Program on Cyber Security."

How can Indian Technology Companies apply?
Indian Cyber Security companies wanting to apply for the Digital Softlanding Program should visit:

For more background information:

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SOURCE: The Hague and Partners