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Earth Day 2022: Dreame Technology Invests in Green Tech to Realize a Sustainable Cleaning Experience


– 12% of Dreame’s Annual Revenue Was Invested on R&D of Sustainability Innovation

Dreame Technology, a global leading company in smart home cleaning appliances, is ramping up its focus on green tech to help bring about a sustainable cleaning experience for its global users. Currently, the company invests 12% of annual revenue in R&D, helping drive the launch of several intelligent, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly vacuum products in 2021. Their features include automatic dust identification, self-cleaning, and battery replacement, which have been eagerly embraced by users.

The products include the Dreame T30 Cordless Stick Vacuum (, which is able to intelligently select the right suction level in order to save energy. It does so by detecting dust and choosing the suction level accordingly in Auto mode, realizing more effective cleaning and longer runtime. Moreover, the T30 boasts a lithium-ion polymer battery that provides highly efficient energy and strong heat dissipation to empower the motor with constant power. The detachable battery also helps extend the vacuum’s life cycle and reduce hazardous battery waste. One charge is enough to power 90 minutes of cleaning in Eco Mode, 35 minutes in Standard Mode, and 7.5 minutes in Turbo Mode.

Another popular product is the Dreame Bot W10 (, which boasts an automatic mop cleaning and drying system. First, the mop is sprayed with water and spun rapidly to dislodge dirt. A nozzle deposits the dirty water into a wastewater tank, with the cleaning tray detachable for easy disposal. Then, the mop is hot air dried to ensure that it is fresh, clean, and free of mold and unpleasant odors. This is done at low noise to avoid any disturbance.

Another feature of the W10 is its increased cleaning efficiency. The 2-in-1 mop and vacuum design enables more detailed vacuuming and more thorough mopping thanks to a wide rolling brush that covers a larger surface area with every single sweep. In fact, it can clean spaces of up to 3,229 square feet with one single charge. Moreover, its strong suction power empowers more effective cleaning, while its floor-facing design means that it easily wipes up stubborn stains.

Innovation is key to bringing consumers new, effective, and environmentally friendly features. With its intensive R&D process, Dreame has spearheaded a series of inventions and registered 248 patents in the areas of high-speed motors, monocular machine vision, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), and multi-cone cyclone separation. Today, the company is a global leader in terms of the patents it holds across many of these areas.

“Innovation will be a key word for us over the next five years,” said Hao Yu, founder and CEO of Dreame Technology. “We are focusing on channeling even greater efforts and time into uncovering consumer insights, which will help guide us on our innovation journey and ensure that we develop products that meet user needs. It is part of our overarching commitment to deliver the most powerful products to our users around the world, so that everyone can enjoy an easier, more convenient cleaning experience.”

Moving forward, Dreame will continue to amplify its focus on R&D, manufacturing, packaging, and after-sales services to enable a comprehensive, sustainable experience for users. With its R&D prowess, the company has already unleashed new breakthroughs in intelligent cleaning technology; Dreame’s innovation pipeline will welcome even more incredible features in the future.

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