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Easy P2E Game, Coin Grid Onboards Easy NFT Platform, SKY Play

SEOUL, South Korea

On April 14, 2022, SKY Technology Co., LTD announced that SKY Entertainment Corp. will be onboarding ‘Coin Grid’ on SKY Play, the easy NFT business platform developed by SKY Technology.

SKY Entertainment has made remarkable achievements in publishing and operating Korean-Chinese mobile games such as ‘Love & Producer’ and ‘Summer Code’. It will develop and service eP2E (easy play-to-earn) game ‘Coin Grid’ on SKY Play.

‘Coin Grid’ is a casual game to save Antarctic characters in danger of global warming, and to adventure together which is easy for everyone to enjoy with the real-time competitive elements. It is the first NFT game to be presented by Kyung-Min Kim, the Head of Game Development of SKY Entertainment, who had formerly served as the Global Manager for the ‘Modoo Marble’ from Netmarble, and it is raising expectations among the communities of NFT game players.

SKY Technology, which recently created a Singapore-based corporation, is poised to issue its own cryptocurrency for exchange on global markets. It will also release a variety of new lifestyle contents via SKY Play.

Sang-Ok Chang, the CEO of SKY Technology said, “As this is the first game to be introduced with the SKY Play platform moto, Easy P2E and Easy NFT, we put all of our hard work into this. It will provide a whole new level of fun and convenience.”

Myungja Kwon, the CEO of SKY Entertainment said, “SKY Entertainment has presented unique and attractive games as a competent publisher. Starting with Coin Grid, we will put our best effort into the development of diverse and interesting games.”

SKY Play

Starting with easy P2E games, SKY Play will offer a rich variety of lifestyle contents including games, sports, education, and art, all of which will be provided through an easy NFT business platform optimized for mobile UI/UX. SKY Play will offer a bigger and better space than a simple portal, encouraging users and service providers to grow and thrive within an easy-to-use, reliable, and trustworthy ecosystem.

SKY Entertainment

SKY Entertainment has accumulated expertise in the game publishing service business in Korea with mobile game contents from China and Korea. With the successful publishing of the ‘Love & Producer’ in Korea, SKY Entertainment has continued on its development and service focused on the female audience mobile game market.

SOURCE Sky Technology

Source: Sky Technology