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EcoMatcher Brings Tree Planting to Microsoft Teams

The EcoMatcher app for Microsoft Teams allows employees to plant and track trees, and improve their well-being.

– New EcoMatcher app for Teams will enable Microsoft Teams users to plant trees, and track, engage, and share them at the touch of a button

EcoMatcher is proud to announce the EcoMatcher app for Microsoft Teams, bringing the benefits of tree-planting directly into Microsoft Teams. Teams users can now plant trees, track them through satellite mapping, view pictures of the trees and farmers looking after them, and even chat with their chatbot-powered trees and listen to ‘Forest Sounds’, to improve their overall well-being, all without leaving Teams.

The integration helps Teams users contribute to reforesting the planet where it is most needed, while providing a moment to relax in nature virtually.

“We have seen a significant increase in companies looking to leverage technologies that support climate action and promote employee well-being. The EcoMatcher app for Microsoft Teams does exactly that, allowing employees to plant and track trees while taking a moment to recharge before their next work challenge”, said Bas Fransen, CEO, and Founder of EcoMatcher. “We thank Microsoft for supporting EcoMatcher to become part of the Microsoft Teams platform and making EcoMatcher a partner in sustainability.”

Talking about the collaboration with EcoMatcher, Chief Sustainability Officer for Microsoft Middle East and Africa, Sherif Tawfik commented: “EcoMatcher allows any person or organization to plant a tree at the touch of a button. By integrating the app within Microsoft Teams and making it accessible to over a quarter of a billion people that use the platform, we’re empowering more individuals to become actively involved in tree planting. Ultimately, it’s collaborations like these that are needed to shift the momentum, to build a more sustainable future for all.”

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About EcoMatcher

EcoMatcher ( plants trees with foundations specialized in tree planting. EcoMatcher knows everything about every tree through technologies, offering full transparency and engagement. Companies can use trees for meaningful corporate gifting, loyalty programs, rewards, employee engagement, events, and transparent carbon offsetting programs. You can virtually travel to every tree and learn more about the tree and the tree’s farmer.

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