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EdHeroes: How addressing social issues helps child development

JAKARTA, Indonesia

EdHeroes just hosted their most recent event – the EdHeroes Forum Australia+Indonesia Chapter!

EdHeroes had previously hosted their forums in Indonesia and Malaysia and now they made their way to Australia! The EdHeroes Network [ ] unites over 61,000 supporters, hosts global and regional events and advocates to provide universal access to quality education!
Some of their partners are: the World Bank Group, UNESCO IITE, Teach For All, Wolfram, Educate Girls, Queen Rania Teacher Academy and more. During this forum, over 14,000 people from 83 countries participated and 15 speakers from 5 countries spoke about global issues.

The forum featured Airlangga Hartanto, the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Harold Lucero, Founder of Lucsan, Fintech, DAO/DeFi Innovation Australia, Cecilia Vaca Jones, the Executive Director of the Bernard van Leer Foundation and a member of the EdHeroes Advisory Board, and Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani, Member of the Presidential Advisory Council of the Republic of Indonesia.

Airlangga Hartanto spoke about Indonesia’s government resolutions to address climate change, which lead to Cecilia Vaca Jones’ discussion of the effects pollution has on child development. Cecilia addressed parents and educators saying: “we are trying to create a good start for children”, which is impeded by the environmental crisis. Both speakers addressed a similar issue and provided solutions each person could implement to improve our world and ensure healthy development for children.

The discussion was picked up by Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani who emphasized the importance of social activism and the immense impact every person can make. The session was closed off by Harold Lucero talking about digital competency. He elaborated on the implications of the metaverse and the infinite possibilities it presents to provide accessible high-quality education worldwide.

The main session of the forum consisted of two discussions titled “Family Education and Mental Health” and “Practicing Democracy and Strengthening Social Activism”. Both sessions featured professionals from different parts of the world who shared their insight and experience as well as provided useful tips în each of the topics.

Watch the complete forum here [ ] and follow EdHeroes on their social media platforms to always stay in the loop of their upcoming events and opportunities! Check out their Instagram [ ] , Twitter [ ], Facebook [ ] , LinkedIn [ ] and Youtube [ ].

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Source: EdHeroes Network