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Eighteen Countries’ Diplomats to China visits QI-ANXIN — the Company Fully Opens the International Market

Twenty diplomats of 18 countries, visited QI-ANXIN on the morning of March 30.

Twenty diplomats of 18 countries visited QI-ANXIN on the morning of March 30.

The diplomatic delegation had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Chairman Qi Xiangdong and President Wu Yunkun of QI-ANXIN Group on the company’s achievements in ensuring network security for the 2022 Beijing Winter Games. QI-ANXIN shared the solutions, products and services for building national-level cybersecurity systems in the fields of energy, finance, industrial control and critical information infrastructure. Afterwards, the delegation visited the company’s cybersecurity operation center, industrial control laboratory and forensic laboratory.

“We are very happy to come to QI-ANXIN for communication today. Network protection has become an important part of national defense, and I hope we can take this opportunity to increase our understanding of cybersecurity technology and China’s hi-tech companies like QI-ANXIN in this field,” said by the diplomat on behalf of the 20-member delegation.

One of the diplomats asked in detail about the challenges faced and innovative technologies adopted by QI-ANXIN in securing the network for the Winter Games. Chairman Qi Xiangdong expressed his willingness to share the company’s successful experience in cybersecurity for the 2022 Beijing Winter Games and provide cybersecurity services and capabilities to partner countries.

Nowadays, global countries face a number of challenges to cyber security. According to the Africa Cyberthreat Assessment Report 2021 released by Interpol, the top five cyber threats Africa currently facing are: online scam, digital extortion, business email compromise, ransomware and botnets. A report released by UAE cybersecurity firm DarkMatter shows that three-quarters of oil and gas companies in the Middle East have some forms of cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and that the financial, oil & gas, public utilities and transportation infrastructure sectors are frequently subject to cyber-attacks.

It is known that QI-ANXIN has carried out network security business in Europe, South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and provided cybersecurity services and solutions for some large Chinese enterprises “going global” and overseas branches of major Chinese commercial banks. In 2021, QI-ANXIN participated in the cybersecurity construction of critical infrastructure sectors and important government agencies in Indonesia, Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia and other countries.

Source: QI-ANXIN