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EnigmaSoft Releases NEW SpyHunter Pro to Fight Malware, Enhance Privacy Protection, & Optimize PCs


EnigmaSoft Limited is excited to offer SpyHunter Pro, a brand new enhanced, and feature-packed premium anti-malware product that builds on EnigmaSoft’s well-established expertise in cyber security and developing high-quality anti-malware products. SpyHunter Pro is a powerful Windows anti-malware application that combines SpyHunter’s highly effective system guards to help block malware before they cause damage, plus anti-malware detection and removal algorithms, along with new premium features, including functionality purposely designed to enhance privacy protection and optimize computers.

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To learn more about SpyHunter Pro and get your FREE Trial, go to

SpyHunter Pro also includes, at no additional cost, SpyHunter’s HelpDesk ( ), a personalized and customized one-on-one technical support service that helps users solve difficult malware issues that other anti-malware products may not address.

SpyHunter Pro Helps Enhance Privacy Protection and Protect Personal Data
SpyHunter Pro extends upon traditional anti-malware scanning and includes new system scans that are designed to locate potentially compromising and/or unnecessary data to enable users to delete detected objects to enhance their personal privacy protection and free up disk space. SpyHunter Pro also offers scans designed to detect potentially unneeded large and/or duplicate content that users can delete to optimize disk space.

Compare SpyHunter Versions and Choose the Protection Best for You
Subscribers can choose between SpyHunter Basic and SpyHunter Pro ( ) based on their cybersecurity needs.

Features SpyHunter Basic SpyHunter Pro

Malware & PUP Detection & Removal YES YES
Vulnerability Detection YES YES
Advanced Guards to Block Malware YES YES
Custom Malware Fixes YES YES
One-on-One Customer Support X YES
Optimization Scan & Functionality X YES
Enhanced Privacy Protection X YES
File Shredder X YES
Secure Disk Erase X YES
Duplicate File Scan X YES
Large File Scan X YES

About EnigmaSoft Limited
EnigmaSoft Limited ( ) is a privately held Irish company with offices and global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. EnigmaSoft is best known for developing and distributing SpyHunter. SpyHunter detects and removes malware, enhances Internet privacy, and eliminates threats – addressing issues such as malware ( ), ransomware ( ) and other threats affecting millions of computer users. SpyHunter 5 has scored top grades in comparative testing by independent third-party testing labs such as AV-TEST ( ). SpyHunter 5 has also been certified by AppEsteem ( ) and TRUSTe ( ).

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