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eQ Technologic revolutionizes ease of data integration & analytics with eQube(R) Cloud


eQ Technologic, the providers of eQube(R)-DaaS (Data as a Service) Platform, announced earlier today the launch of a new format in which their products can be accessed: a next-gen cloud-native solution for data / application integration and analytics challenges – the eQube(R) Cloud. eQube(R) Cloud Free 15-Day Trial | eQ Technologic ([]

eQ Technologic revolutionizes ease of data integration & analytics with eQube(R) Cloud
Dinesh Khaladkar, President & CEO at eQ Technologic said, “eQube(R) Cloud is a game changer and further democratizes access to powerful data integration and analytics solutions, enabling organizations to accelerate their Digital Transformation journeys.”

With eQube(R) Cloud, one can seamlessly connect, integrate and migrate data from disparate systems, federate, orchestrate, synchronize and mash-up data, rapidly create APIs and ‘For-Purpose’ Apps, and realize actionable analytics with stunning visualizations of near real-time enterprise-wide data. It allows one to integrate any data, any format, any API, any speed, any application, or any device. All this without writing any code, enabling secure collaboration and honoring security rules.

Sanjeev Tamboli, VP Products & CTO at eQ Technologic commented, “Users will be able to fully harness the strength of the eQube®-DaaS Platform that establishes a robust, resilient, and scalable Data Fabric connecting disparate data sources across the enterprise (COTS, GOTS, Legacy, NoSQL, files, streaming data, IoT, …) with insightful analytics. In other words, eQube®-DaaS accelerates customers’ Digital Transformation.”

Leverage this opportunity and register now to experience the power of eQube(R) Cloud!

eQube(R) Cloud Free 15-Day Trial | eQ Technologic ([]

Godspeed to eQube(R) Cloud!

About eQ Technologic

eQ Technologic, Inc. (‘eQ’) is a trusted provider of eQube(R)-DaaS (Data as a Service) platform that delivers a highly scalable, resilient, and secure Data Fabric for its Customers.

eQube(R)-DaaS is a powerful Low/No-Code Data Integration and Analytics platform. It establishes a Digital Backbone connecting Enterprise-wide data, applications, and devices. This creates a ‘Data Fabric’ which puts the power of analytics in the hands of end users, leading to Actionable Insight. eQube(R)-DaaS platform-based solutions result in substantial productivity gains accelerating Digital Transformation.

Visit [] for more information on eQube(R) Cloud.


Source: eQ Technologic, Inc.