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Euclea Business School: Most Innovative Business School for Globalization of Management Education in the Middle East


Global Brands Magazine Awards 2022

Euclea Business School is a Private Higher Education degree-granting institution, a leader in research and education that offers a range of higher education suitable for all types of profiles and careers, with titles recognized by the State (RNCP titles) and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Britts Imperial University College, Sharjah is the first overseas campus of the renowned Euclea Business School based in France. The university’s first learning space in the Middle East opened at Sharjah Publishing City and has students from more than 40 nationalities. It is an exciting, diverse and multicultural campus that prides itself on providing a student experience with a difference.

Euclea Business School offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs including: International Business, Digital Marketing, Human Resources, Healthcare Management, Accounting and Finance, IT Project Management, Data Analytics and AI, Logistics and Supply Chain, Events and Sports Management, Hospitality Management and many more. As well as having all the advantages associated with being a world-class French university, students at the Sharjah campus can benefit from all the opportunities afforded by a rapidly-developing modern city in the heart of the Middle East, while experiencing the diverse nationalities and cultures that make up the population of Dubai.

International mobility is one of the values that Euclea Business School wishes to develop year after year and thus, understand the importance of a globally connected one world. Diversity in the student diaspora and faculty members is constantly promoted. The importance of opportunity to cross barriers and showcase talent to those who welcome talent is highly valued. Hence, the Business School strives to create a platform for global mobility of the learners to campuses across continents with the power of transnational educational partnerships and progressions.

A global university committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a culturally and internationally diverse range of students, by providing challenging academic programmes underpinned by innovative research and professional practice. Euclea Business School in the Middle East prepares its students to be professional, skilled individuals fitted for the modern world, committed to life-long learning and able to contribute to the communities in which they live and work.

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Source: Euclea Business School