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European Cloud Communications Provider Dstny Acquires Qunifi To Take A Leadership Position In Microsoft Teams Business Integrations


The acquisition is an essential part of Dstny’s strategy in business integrations; accelerating how business value and innovation is added to Microsoft Teams users.

Dstny, the European provider of cloud-based Business Communication solutions, announces the acquisition of the leading UK-based Microsoft Teams integration specialist Qunifi. Qunifi’s Call2Teams platform is the global leader in Teams integration for UCaaS providers. Their service spans the globe with end customers in over 100 countries and organizations with over 2 Million Teams users relying upon Qunifi for their daily communications.

“We are always looking for talented companies that fit with our strategy and company culture and which we can help grow faster at the same time. This acquisition of Qunifi is a perfect example of that”, says Daan De Wever CEO of the Dstny Group. “The Call2Teams platform was ‘born in the cloud,’ just like us, and it’s a state of the art technology with a native integration which means an incredible user experience, concludes De Wever.”

Qunifi will become part of the Dstny for Service Provider organization and the team and management will be integrated within the Dstny Group. Joining the Dstny Group will enhance business opportunities, drive new product development, and accelerate growth for service provider customers, partners and both the Dstny and Qunifi teams.

“We are proud and excited to become part of the Dstny group”, adds Jeannie Arthur, CEO of Qunifi. “We will be in a great position to continue to support and grow the relationships with our existing partners, accelerate product development and innovation, and remain at the cutting edge of digitalized business integrations.” Dstny and Qunifi will align their roadmaps, so our respective partners and service providers get access to more innovative products. Support for third party Cloud PBX solutions remains in focus and is aligned with Dstny’s strategy. “Our partners will continue to be managed by the Qunifi team as before and as part of the Dstny Group, the additional group resources will allow us to focus on growth”

In Business communications, much like in other industries, individuals, teams and organizations of every size expect to be able to select the products that fit their individual needs and for these products to then work seamlessly together. “Within the Dstny Group, it is our ambition to play well with others; to make it easy for our service providers to access to new innovations that provide value to their end users. In addition to the value we see in Call2Teams, we also see significant synergies between Qunifi’s recently announced Carrier Automate proposition and our existing Service provider business where Qunifi’s automation of the Microsoft Integration complements Dstny’s FMC technology for mobile operators”, concludes Patrik Sorqvist, COO of the Dstny Group.

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Christian Hed, CMO Dstny,, +46856269603

About Dstny
Dstny is a leading European provider of cloud-based Business Communications. The company aims to simplify the everyday lives of more than 2,2 million users today: the interactive tools in Business Communications are delivered as–a-service and bring employees and customers together across all communication formats (voice, video, chat, and other).

The Dstny tools are natively mobile-first, locally adaptable, easy to use, and easy to integrate, for companies, partners, and service providers. By combining innovative technology with close relationships with partners and service providers, and with strong local teams, Dstny can deliver the best possible user experience and make the latest applications accessible to companies across Europe.

Headquartered in Brussels, Dstny has 750 employees in 7 European countries (Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, UK) and an annual turnover of nearly EURO190 million in 2021.

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About Qunifi / Call2Teams
Qunifi a global leader in voice integrations and creator of the Call2Teams and Carrier Automate propositions.

Call2Teams is a cloud-native, SaaS middleware product that sits between any phone system, PBX or SIP Trunk provider, and Microsoft Teams. Call2Teams seamlessly voice-enables Microsoft Teams with the rich functionality of the existing telephony without end-users needing to port numbers, change carrier or throw away their existing phone system.

Carrier Automate helps unlock the Microsoft opportunity for operators and carriers. Through Carrier Automate Qunifi provides set-up, integration and ongoing access to the Carrier Automate SaaS platform allowing carriers and operators to onboard and deliver their services via Microsoft Operator Connect service.

Qunifi is based in the UK, has partners in over 30 countries and end-users in over 100 countries.


Source: Dstny

Source: Dstny