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Ex-SegaSammy M&A Leader Led Company Meta-X Breaks Into Asian GameFi Market Through iGamie


Meta-X has announced its partnership with gaming platform iGamie to expand its Web 3.0 presence in the Asia market. With over a million active users in iGamie, the collaboration will help spearhead Meta-X’s entry into the GameFi market and outreach to gamers across various parts of Asia, with plans for other global markets in the future.

The new blockchain game from Meta-X, Jewel Knights (, is led by former M&A Leader for SegaSammy and ex-CEO of Spike, Takashi Murakoshi. The 20-year game industry veteran is instrumental in the development of the Japanese game industry and continues to run and invest in global blockchain projects and companies out of Hong Kong and Japan.

“We’re excited at the opportunity to work with Meta-X to reach out to more gamers globally, ” said Vincent YANG, Founder & CEO of iGamie. “Our partnership further solidifies our belief in the growth potential of the Web3 gaming market in the near future.”.

“The advent of GameFi is transforming how games are played and enjoyed globally. We look forward to working with iGamie to advance the web3 gaming landscape with our rich experiences,” said Takashi Murakoshi, CEO of Meta-X.

The venture joins the growing number of game publishers including Konami, Ubisoft (, EA, and Atari, who are looking to become dominant players in the Web 3.0 market.

This partnership represents the first of many companies that iGamie aims to empower through community development, market expansion, and gamification.

Jewel Knight will be the first title to be pushed on the iGamie platform, with both parties planning to promote more competitive Web3 games in the future.

About iGamie

Since its inception in 2021, iGamie has grown massively to millions of users globally – including countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and many others -by helping both Web2.0 and Web3.0 gamers level up their experience.

The platform is focused on creating meaningful communities while empowering individuals, one person at a time.

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