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“Excellent Milk Project” Logo Debuts in Beijing


The 7th International Symposium on Dairy Cow Nutrition and Milk Quality and The 4th China Excellent Milk Project Pasteurized Milk Development Forum was held in Beijing. At the conference, the use of the “China Excellent Milk Project” logo was released, and Fujian Changfu Diary Co., Ltd. became the first company in China to obtain the authorization of the logo. This yellow logo with red background symbolizes a milestone achievement of China’s deepening the implementation of the “China Excellent Milk Project”, which is the fruit of countless Chinese diary workers and enterprises’ pursuit, dedication and commitment to excellent quality of diary.

Since its implementation in 2016, the “China Excellent Milk Project” has witnessed the rise and development of China’s national dairy industry. This project innovatively proposed the concept that “set active nutrition as the core standard for excellent milk” and, on this basis, formulated the standardized technical system for excellent milk in China, which has solved the long-standing lack of “quality standardization” in the Chinese dairy industry. Meanwhile, the “China Excellent Milk Project” has led the Chinese dairy industry changing from the traditional homogeneous competition that relies on changing colors, varieties and excessive advertising packaging to innovative revolution of improving the internal quality.

The lactoferrin content of domestic high-quality pasteurized milk has increased from 10.4 mg/L in 2017 to 44.8 mg/L in 2021, eight times more than that of imported products. The quality and safety indicators of China’s high-quality fresh milk has now surpassed those in European and American standards. The achievements of the “China Excellent Milk Project” have reversed the trend that Chinese dairy consumer market is overly attracted to imported milk, and conveyed the scientific concept of “high-quality milk are made domestically” to the nation.

“The ‘China Excellent Milk Project’ is a cause we must continue to implement,” said Nan Zheng, leader of the implementation team of “China Excellent Milk Project” and Executive Vice President of China Excellent Milk Alliance, at the symposium. With the “China Excellent Milk Project” being included in the National Nutrition Plan by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China for two consecutive years, the Chinese dairy industry and Chinese dairy enterprises consciously shoulder the historical mission of “a glass of milk strengthens a nation”. At the symposium, 64 dairy enterprises from 25 provinces jointly launched a “Common Action Program for China Excellent Milk Project Supporting National Nutrition Plan”.

Source: The 4th China Excellent Milk Project Pasteurized Milk Development Forum