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ExoCoBio Receives Japanese Patent for Alleviating Dermatitis with Adipose Stem Cell-Derived Exosome

SEOUL, Korea

-To lay a technological foundation for developing exosome-based medicines and cosmetic products for dermatitis treatment
-To prove the technological feasibility of ExoSCRT(TM) for the mass-production of the world’s best exosomes with high efficacy

ExoCoBio Inc., one of global top 4 for stem cell exosome industry, announced that it received from Japanese Patent Office the patent which claims that stem cell-derived exosome is proved as effective ingredient for alleviating dermatitis (The registration number is 6970459).

The patent is the result of the vigorous R&D efforts made to develop therapeutic medicines with higher efficacy and safety than currently known ones in relation to dermatitis with itching and inflammation. ExoCoBio found that the technology in the patent would solve the safety problem arising from stem cell or stem cell conditioned media by using ExoSCRT(TM) exosomes isolated from adipose stem cell conditioned media and thus prove the effectiveness of exosomes for prevention, improvement, alleviation or treatment of dermatitis. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the ExoSCRT(TM) exosomes will play a scientifically pivotal role as new medicine for dermatitis treatment.

Among therapeutic medicines currently marketed for the dermatitis are steroid, antihistamine, and immunosuppressive cyclosporine A etc. There are, however, growing concerns about serious side effects in relation with the use of them such as atrophodermia, vasodilation, loss of pigment, hypersensitivity after injection, tolerance and neutropenia etc. On the contrary, exosome-based medicines are expected to provide the fundamental treatment for inflammatory skin diseases without any serious side effect.

The key points of the patent cover following:

-ExoSCRT(TM) exosomes reduce the generation of inflammatory factors including inflammatory cytokine which are main causes of dermatitis;
-ExoSCRT(TM) exosomes can be developed as active principles of medicine or cosmetics to prevent, alleviate or treat the dermatitis by suppressing the activity of inflammatory immune cells;
-ExoSCRT(TM) exosomes promote the ceramide biosynthesis that is a key factor of skin barrier;
-It was scientifically proved that ExoSCRT(TM), technology developed by ExoCoBio for stem cell exosome production, plays a key role in producing high quality exosomes;

In connection with the patent, ExoCoBio published an article in the journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy in 2018 according to which ExoSCRT(TM) exosomes alleviate atopic dermatitis with antibodies against surface markers (CD9, CD63, and CD81) (for the article, please visit the following:

Additionally, as a supporting document, ExoCoBio published an article in the journal of Cells in 2020, according to which ExoSCRT(TM) exosomes promote de novo synthesis of ceramides in atopic dermatitis (for the article, visit the following:

ExoCoBio expects that the patent will lay a technological foundation for regenerative aesthetics and medicines relating to prevention, alleviation or treatment of dermatitis. Furthermore, ExoCoBio anticipates its business opportunity in Japan for ExoSCRT(TM) exosomes based on the patent in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

SOURCE: ExoCoBio Inc.