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ExpressVPN Increases Bug Bounty Reward to US$100,000

TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands

– This is one of the highest bounties ever offered on Bugcrowd and 10x the highest reward previously offered by ExpressVPN

– ExpressVPN invites researchers to focus test its TrustedServer technology

– TrustedServer is the world’s most advanced VPN server technology that has been providing essential privacy protections for ExpressVPN users since 2019

Leading consumer privacy and security company ExpressVPN is offering US$100,000 via Bugcrowd’s Bug Bounty solution to researchers who can find and demonstrate a critical security bug on ExpressVPN’s in-house technology, TrustedServer.

It is the highest single bounty offered on the Bugcrowd platform and 10 times higher than the top reward previously offered by ExpressVPN, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing essential privacy protections to its users.

Nick McKenzie, Chief Information & Security Officer, Bugcrowd, says, “We’re uber excited to see a leader in the online privacy and security world stepping up collaborating with our community of cyber researchers, to ultimately work together to ensure a safe online experience for everyone. ExpressVPN’s ongoing partnership with Bugcrowd since 2020 demonstrates its commitment to a strong security posture and a constant drive to improve the security of its products and services. We hope this incentivizes more researchers to join the crowd, and be a part of finding solutions to secure the digitally connected world.”

ExpressVPN built TrustedServer technology to significantly minimize problems that traditional server management pose. On top of having an independent audit by PwC to confirm TrustedServer’s security-enhancing claims, ExpressVPN is taking a further step by rewarding the people who help them improve their security.

Shaun Smith, Software Engineering Fellow at ExpressVPN and the architect behind TrustedServer, says, “TrustedServer is already the world’s first and most advanced VPN server technology, and we want to work with the community to elevate it further. This means using the ingenuity of Bugcrowd’s security researchers to help us further improve the security of TrustedServer. It was important for us to demonstrate how seriously we take this contribution and are excited to see what the community comes back with.”

Smith continues, “Traditionally, VPN infrastructure may be vulnerable to several privacy and security risks. This is because most traditional approaches to managing server infrastructure cannot account for various security and privacy risks that are important for VPN service providers to mitigate. We built TrustedServer to address those risks, and make the same solution scalable, consistent, and secure across all our servers.”

ExpressVPN is inviting Bugcrowd security researchers to test the following types of security issues within its VPN servers:

– unauthorized access to a VPN server or remote code execution
– vulnerabilities in ExpressVPN’s VPN server that result in leaking the real IP addresses of clients or the ability to monitor user traffic

To find out more and participate in the bug bounty head to

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Source: ExpressVPN

Source: ExpressVPN