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Farma13, A Spanish Pharmacy Is Joining Together Thousands Of Pharmacies To Send Medicines To The Ukrainian War

MADRID [ ], a Spanish pharmacy, is uniting a network of solidarity pharmacies to send medicines and medical supplies to NGOs that distribute medical supplies to hospitals, clinics and people in conflict zones.
This online parapharmacy has created a page to help Ukraine [ ], where pharmacies can register and receive instructions on how they can collaborate and help Ukraine at this time.

Farma13 joins Ukraine in these hard times
In collaboration with the Nadiya Organization, Farma13 [ ] which is a Spanish online parapharmacy and that is involved in social issues, has sent treatment material to Poland and children’s hygiene products for all children who have had to seek refuge in this country.
All kinds of products have been sent from this online parapharmacy for children’s nutrition, such as baby food, cereals and supplements such as Meritene, whose milkshakes provide all the necessary nutrients to get through the day.

Nadiya is the result of the solidarity of a group of people who feel the need to help the Ukrainian people, which Farma13 joins, with the sole purpose of facilitating the Ukrainian community the transfer of their loved ones to Spain and providing them with all the help they need.

Latest data from the Russian war against Ukraine
Weeks after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than three million Ukrainian citizens have had to flee the country and are refugees in other territories, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Today, Ukraine is the third country with the highest number of people who have been forced to take refuge outside its borders. According to the UN, this displacement crisis is being the fastest exodus in Europe since the Second World War.

It’s time to collaborate, all help is necessary
Ukraine needs more help and support than ever. It is necessary for the world to show its most supportive side.

Therefore, Farma13 together with Comunicare, their marketing agency, have launched another way to help, they have set up a page to facilitate the recruitment of Ukrainians for remote jobs: find here remote Ukrainian workers [ ].

From Farma13 they encourage citizen collaboration, through the #convoyesperanza project, or through any humanitarian association whose mission is to offer medical, food, asylum, work, transport, or economic aid to Ukraine.
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Source: Farma13