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Feixian County Clay Sculpture: Skillful Depictions and Art of Craftsmanship


FEIXIAN, China, June 5, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

Feixian County Clay Sculpture combines clay sculpture with oil painting and cartoon art and employs cartoonish body postures to exhibit simple, cheerful, and sincere appearances. These sculptures vividly bring out unique personalities with a touch of humor. Feixian County Clay Sculpture mainly focuses on themes such as “Linyi Mountain Kids”, “Linyi Grandmas”, “Linyi Folk Customs”, and “Buddhist Figures and Generals”, with the Linyi Folk Customs series being particularly popular.

Image: Feixian County Clay Sculpture

The production of Feixian County Clay Sculpture generally involves five steps: sketch designing, clay preparation, hand-molding, fine carving, and heating. The sketch is created based on the desired pattern. The clay has to be meticulously prepared, typically using a sticky and fine-textured type that is kneaded, beaten, dropped, and sometimes mixed with cotton wool, paper, honey, etc.

The initial outline is molded based on the designed sketch, and carving techniques are used to refine the clay sculptures, leaving a hole in the base for air circulation to prevent damage from pressure changes. Lastly, after drying, the sculptures are heated in a kiln at 1,200 degrees Celsius. Feixian County Clay Sculptures are distinguished by their handmade molding and heating at high temperatures of 1,200 degrees Celsius. The sculptures boast an elegant appearance, a unique style, and a strong artistic essence. The themes revolve around folk activities in Linyi, resonating with a distinctive local essence. Linyi clay sculpture figures have clear and distinctive facial features with variations in body shapes and sizes, portraying a variety of characters like noble ladies, beauties, and playful children, each charming in their own unique way.

Source: Information Office of Feixian County People's Government