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Finexia Launches Crypto Collective


Finexia Financial Group Limited has launched its innovative Crypto Currency investment product which is a packaged security that provides both retail and wholesale investors exposure to a basket of cryptocurrencies in a single transaction.

The security is unique within the Australian market and provides the simplest means on the market for investors of all types to gain exposure to key base currencies in Bitcoin and Ether as well as four additional alternative coins in a single transaction with an entry price as low as $1,000.

Neil Sheather the Managing Director of ASX Listed Finexia Financial Group Limited said today that “Crypto Currencies and the digital space generally are a legitimate and massive part of the investment market now and they sit next to other high-risk markets as a genuine small allocation option within some people’s portfolios.

As a company that specialises in innovative solutions, we saw the reluctance of many everyday Australians to enter the world of Crypto Currency and we could find no product of its type so we have created our own.

Like other high risk alternative investments its not for everyone and this market carries additional risks around volatility that have been highlighted again this year with the collapse in the price of Crypto Currencies. However we actually see this as potentially great timing for the launch of the Finexia Crypto Collective as this market has shown great resilience since its creation in 2008.”

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The Finexia Crypto Collective wraps six crypto coins into a single security, giving investors exposure to the six most traded coins in one investment.

The Collective has been designed by the Finexia Investment Team to provide investors with a better return than if they had purchased Bitcoin (‘BTC’) or Ethereum (‘ETH’) in a single coin transaction. Whilst the underlying algorithm is proprietary to Finexia, the Collective is a basket of six cryptocurrencies. Approximately half of the basket is made up of both BTC and ETH, whilst the other half combines the four next largest and liquid alt coins of the cryptocurrencies.

The value of the investment changes with the movements of the Crypto Currency markets. However, the Collective has been formulated to reduce the volatility compared with a single coin. Whilst the Finexia Crypto Collective is constructed as a medium to long-term investment, investors in the Finexia Crypto Collective have the option to deposit or withdraw on a monthly basis. The minimum investment is A$1,000, making the Collective accessible to most people.

About Finexia Financial Group Limited

Finexia Financial Group Limited (ACN 106 760 418) is an independent financial services firm specialising in Asset Management, Equity Capital Markets, Private Debt Financing and Funds Management. Servicing the needs of individuals, corporates and institutions through its key areas of expertise:

-Asset Management and Funds Management
-Private Equity
-Corporate Finance and Advisory
-Debt Financing and Private Lending
-Prime Broking and Global Markets Trading

Listed on the ASX in 2015 (FNX), the firm is built on disciplined entrepreneurship and innovation, independently serving clients with creative investment and funding solutions.

The Company has offices in Sydney, Queensland and San Francisco.

Finexia Securities Limited (ABN 61 608 667 778) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Finexia Financial Group Limited, holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 485760) and is the arranger of the Finexia Crypto Collective pursuant to Section 911A(2)(b) of the Corporations Act. Pursuant to Section 911A(2)(b).

Strategic Investment Portfolios Pty Ltd (ACN 632 644 609) (‘SIP’) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Finexia Financial Group Limited and is the issuer of the Finexia Crypto Collective.

Neil Sheather
Managing Director
Finexia Financial Group Limited (ASX: FNX)

Source: Finexia Financial Group Limited

Source: Finexia Financial Group Limited