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First Anniversary of ADO Ebike – Cross Your City


ADO E-Bike, the world-leading electric cycling providers, is launching the special ADO campaign in celebration of its first anniversary.

“My dream: ADO, cross 1,001 cities.” — Mr. Sen

Selling 365 days, crossing more than 600 cities and making the lives of more than 12,000 families better and better.

So far, A DECE OASIS( )(ADO) brand has celebrated its first birthday, marking the completion of the process of 0 to 1 .

ADO Achievements:

Continuous Upgrade of Differentiated Products, Guarded the Commuting Journey of 10,000 Users

“Our products should be what the users really need.” Mr. Sen said, the team adhered to enriching the product line from the users’ needs and continued to optimize the existing products from the feedback of market users; in order to improve the technology, the 3,300 square meters of electric assisted bicycle R&D base and laboratory had been put into use.

Uphold Customer Side Belief, Enhance Brand Influence

“More and more users are interacting with us on Facebook, which reflects the consumers’ trust and the improvement of ADO brand awareness.”Mr.Sen said, ADO built a consumer communication window through “official media+KOL(”to increase users’ engagement.

Until today, ADO brand is conducting “Construction Project of 1,000 online+offline shops”, which has achieved more than 100 million export value, 60+ regional agents and 200+ ADO brand shops in 600+ cities in the world have been put into operation successfully, jointly building the local experience of ADO e-bike brand.

Insist On Localized Service, Provide Worry-Free After-Sales Support

“We want to tell consumers that once they buy an ADO product, the brand will definitely take responsibility for you.” Mr. Sen is determined to insist on localization service.

Nowadays, ADO brand has 9 overseas warehouses and 3 local after-sales centers. It can achieve 2-7 days delivery, next-day delivery service in some areas, localized technical and after-sales service support; what’s more, ADO promises to replace new products for free for users when maintenance is not possible due to quality problems during the product’s life cycle.

Grateful Rewarding to Customers, Jointly Create Good Memories of ADO

The first anniversary of ADO Ebike( )is approaching, in order to express our sincere thanks for your trust,ADO brand has launched the “Grateful Rewarding to Customers” activity to create good memories with users on official store( )and social media(