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First Changsha Tourism Development Conference Opened in Wangcheng District on Nov. 22

First Changsha Tourism Development Conference opened in Wangcheng District on Nov. 22.

On November 22 to 24, the first Changsha Tourism Development Conference is held in the Wangcheng district of Changsha. The event mainly compasses four main activities including the forum for investment promotion and integrated development of culture and tourism for the cultural and tourism industries of Changsha, project reviews, tourism industry promotion conferences, and cultural tourism promotions as well as nine supplementary activities. These resourceful activities will be carried out on-line and off-line and are expected to attract attention.

As a highly popular destination having gained influence on social media in recent years, Changsha, with its rich cultural legacy, is riding the wave by deeply tapping into its enriched tourism resources, according to the Publicity Department of Changsha City. The city has made great progress in building itself as a comprehensive transportation hub within the country and has kept drawing in high-quality cultural and creativity resources from home and abroad, showing such aspirations to create a cultural industrial cluster that will have international influence, establish a national cultural export base, and to set a new example for foreign cultural trade.

Before the conference, the slogan “Merry Life in Changsha, Start City Shinning Bright” and the newly designed logo for publicizing the city’s cultural tourism were released. The slogan has connoted a particular idea of “merriness”, the curiosity about “shining bright”, and the love for the “star city” in the new era, with a new look.

The conference will be in full swing to attract foreign businesses, bring in investment, and ripen projects. During the forum for investment promotion and integrated development of culture and tourism for these two industries, contracts of 15 major projects (including those with intention) with a total value of 26.066 billion yuan will be signed.

With the support of Mr. Shan Jixiang, chairman of China Cultural Relics Academy, Mr. Wang Han, the famous Hunan TV program host, and Ms. Zuo Xiaoqing, the well-known actress, all of whom are new ambassadors for cultural tourism of Changsha, the whole city will be mobilized to enlarge the popularity of Changsha as a great tourist destination, forming a synergy of efforts to promote tourism by everyone in the city and giving a lively social atmosphere.

Source: The Publicity Department of Changsha City