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First China Binzhou International Tea Expo 2023


On December 8, the first China Binzhou International Tea Expo & Exhibition of Boutique Dark-red Enamelled Pottery, Tea Sets and Chinaware opened at the Binzhou Yellow River Delta Trading Center in east China's Shandong Province. The event drew participation from over 200 tea merchants across the country. The exhibition hall was permeated with the fragrance of tea, and in each designated area, tea artists proudly presented their brand products for enthusiasts to savor.

This tea expo has garnered participation from tea-producing regions, sales enterprises, cultural institutions, and tea enthusiasts nationwide. Throughout the exhibition, a series of tea culture activities, including tea tasting and tea art performances, are held with the objective of fostering the development and dissemination of tea culture. Additionally, the event aims to strengthen communication and collaboration within the domestic tea industry. Notably, the expo has attracted numerous tea lovers and consumers for visits and tastings. Attendees have not only gained insights into various types of tea and their production processes but have also enjoyed direct exchanges and interactions with the exhibitors.

Binzhou boasts deep historical and cultural roots and is home to a significant population of tea enthusiasts. Treating guests with tea is a cherished local tradition in Binzhou, highlighting the city's substantial potential in tea consumption. The inaugural tea expo provides the residents of Binzhou with the opportunity to sample various cost-effective teas right at their doorstep, fostering not only a deeper understanding of tea culture among citizens but also contributing to the economic growth of Binzhou and elevating its overall visibility.

Source: News Office of the People's Government of Binzhou