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Fostering Global Solidarity: “Silk Road Hearts Connect” International Voluntary Service Seminar Held in Nanjing


On December 19, the "Silk Road Hearts Connect" International Voluntary Service Seminar, organized by the International Volunteer Service Working Committee and hosted by the International Volunteer Service Working Committee Secretariat and Nanjing Civilization Office, took place in Nanjing. Experts, scholars, and youth representatives from international institutions, research institutes, and NGOs in the field of volunteer service gathered to exchange experiences and achievements in promoting sustainable development through voluntary service. The event also marked the release of the "Collection of Results of Gen Z International Volunteering Practice."

Nanjing, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, has consistently embodied traditional virtues of benevolence and solidarity, coupled with an open and inclusive urban attitude. The International Volunteer Service Working Committee was officially established on April 27, 2022, with its secretariat located in Nanjing, showcasing the city's significance in the realm of voluntary service. Addressing the gathering, Jing Disheng, Director of Nanjing Civilization Office, expressed confidence in Nanjing's role in advancing voluntary service globally and turning it into a vivid representation of modern Nanjing's practices.

Duan Guiqing, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Volunteer Service Federation, emphasized the crucial role of voluntary service in building a community with a shared future for humanity. She highlighted the positive impact of international volunteer service in enhancing mutual understanding and communication between China and other nations. Over the past decade of implementing the "Belt and Road Initiative", various volunteer service organizations have played an active role in humanitarian rescue, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, and international events, contributing to cultural exchanges and mutual learning.

Young people, constituting a vital force in carrying out voluntary service and constructing socialist spiritual civilization, played a central role in the event. The seminar also witnessed the release of the "Collection of Gen Z International Voluntary Service Practice Achievements", showcasing 20 cases of international volunteer service from China Charities General Association, the Amity Foundation, and the China Rural Development Foundation.

Concluding the event, a round-table discussion was conducted on the topic of "The Path and Prospects of International Volunteer Service in the New Era," engaged in a discussion about the future of international volunteer service in the new era.

Source: International Volunteer Service Working Committee