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FSP Microgrid Energy Storage System Creates New Value for Renewable Energy


FSP, a Top 10 global power supply manufacturer, has been working with leading enterprises to promote ESG sustainability and green governance transformations to meet global targets of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. FSP and renewable energy partners are now investing heavily in the development of distributed energy storage systems (ESS) for microgrids to maximize the benefits of renewable energy technology.

In response to the growing demand for renewable energy, Dr. Edward Chen, Associate Manager FSP Product, said that improving the efficiency of distributed ESS products will play an important part in the future development of smart microgrid systems. To build a sustainable smart microgrid system, FSP had to develop a way to integrate all the peripheral devices in a distributed ESS, such as power supplies, chargers, energy storage battery systems. The goal was to implement a PV distributed microgrid system that generates and consumes its own electricity in the following order of priority: “green electricity first, battery charging second, grid power last.”

FSP has proposed three tiers of ESS for various levels of applications: the mobile EMERGY 3K+ for smart homes, the 10 kW All-in-one ESS, the 60 kW ESS for smart commercial properties, and the 100 kW ESS for smart factories. The ESS design requirements for difference fields of applications are completely different: commercial and factory applications emphasize energy-efficiency and generation whereas the primary application of home ESS is self-consumption. All FSP ESS are designed to be modular, intelligent and customizable. Over the years, a number of successful projects have been deployed which include a private airport in northern Germany, public housing in northern Taiwan, and also a “low-carbon neighborhood” in Kinmen.

As a leading global supplier of power supplies, FSP leveraged its many years of R&D experience in power supplies to back the roll-out of smart microgrids and distributed ESS and worked with customers to maximize their contribution to combating global warming. In the future, more products which offer better performance and safety will be developed to create even more diverse solutions for customers with different ESS requirements.

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