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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Applauds 47 Proud Winners of the Innovation Print Awards 2022

Innovation Print Awards 2022 – "Best Innovation Award" Winner: "The Voyage of Life" using Fujifilm digital press by Winson Enterprise (H.K.) Limited, Hong Kong

-Recognition to Revoria Presses and Fujifilm technology users in the Asia Pacific region for their astounding creativity and innovation

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific announced today the winners of the Innovation Print Awards (IPA) 2022. In its 15th year, IPA is congratulating 47 winners from 10 countries across the Asia Pacific region for winning this prestigious award. The annual competition is open to all users of FUJIFILM Business Innovation graphic communications solutions across the region.

There was a total of 193 (single) submission for 25 categories — with the most competitive categories in Brochure, Catalogues & Leaflets and Packaging & Labels — over 40 entries were received for each of the category.

The entries under Brochures, Catalogues & Leaflets and Packaging & Labels categories grew more than double of last year and it demonstrated an upcoming trend and demand for short run packaging and labels. Brands not only seek for more impactful appeal on their packaging to entice customers, but to reach them quickly as well. The current digital print packaging allows shorter run length, just-in-time delivery, and a reduced minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement as product lifecycle becomes shorter.

“What we saw, what is trending and what we noticed this year — digital packaging in this competition has taken off and was one of the most significant categories we judged,” said Paul Callaghan*1, head judge for IPA 2022. “In fact, we had to split into two sub-categories, Rigid Packaging and Carton Packaging. If you think digital packaging was lagging in any way, I can assure you, it is here and has come of age.”

Out of 47 winning entries, 34 were printed on Iridesse™ Production Press or Revoria Press™ PC1120, including the winner of the “Best Innovation Award”, Winson Enterprise (H.K.) Limited from Hong Kong. Entitled “The Voyage of Life”, the submission is inspired by a series of four paintings created by Thomas Cole*2, representing an allegory of the four stages of human life. Winson Enterprise applied the same idea and tells the life story of a couple. Each page showcases a different type of paper and effect, intricately representing the changes in life, exuding a multitude of feelings and experience to the reader.

“The immense technology and speed in digital printing enables brands to be more explorative in their designs and totally think out of the box, especially with the availability of different specialty colours,” said Scott Mackie, General Manager, Graphic Communication Business Group at FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific. “We are thrilled to be part of this trendsetting journey with our customers in communicating their brand story to their customers via our print technology. Through IPA, it is heartening to see quick and strong adoption of digital printing technologies as businesses embrace digital transformation.”

The winning applications will be showcased in FUJIFILM Business Innovation Graphic Communication showroom in Tokyo, Japan and in regional Graphic Communication industry events.

To further profile these talents, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. will submit all entries*3 to the Asian Print Awards, a competition for printers in the region.

2022 Innovation Print Awards Winners

Category Award Company Name Location
Best Innovation Winner Winson Enterprise (H.K.) Limited Hong Kong
Books Winner Image Quality Lab Co., Ltd. Thailand
Runner-up Shandong Daoke Graphic Express Co. China
Winner Toppan Security Systems Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Annual Report Runner-up Enviro Print Group Australia
Educational Winner TVG Thai Co., Ltd. Thailand
Runner-up LittleLand (Ideastore Limited) Hong Kong
PhotoBook Winner Shanghai Jiaqi Printing Technology Co. China
Runner-up Ningbo Xerox Business Co. China
Catalogue Winner Digital Print Australia Australia
Runner-up The Print Department Australia
Leaflet Winner Fingerprint Ltd Hong Kong
Multi-Piece Campaign Winner Marga Kirana Printing Indonesia
Runner-up GMW Creative Prints Malaysia
Folding Carton Winner NK Printing Solutions Vietnam
Runner-up Artech Printing & Graphix Pte Ltd Singapore
Rigid Packaging Winner Hebei Xionganshengcai Culture Media Co. China
Runner-up Kunming Gejie Packaging Service Co. China
Label Winner Sumeka Co., Ltd. Thailand
Runner-up NK Printing Solutions Vietnam
Calendars Winner Tzuen Yu Enterprise Co., LTD. Taiwan
Runner-up Image Quality Lab Co., Ltd. Thailand
Food/Drink Menu Winner Artech Printing & Graphix Pte Ltd Singapore
Runner-up Sincere Service Centre Sdn Bhd Malaysia
Art Production Winner Shoei Printing Co., Ltd. Japan
Runner-up Shanghai Jiaqi Printing Technology Co. China
Runner-up Image Quality Lab Co., Ltd. Thailand
Company Self Promotion Winner Winson Enterprise (H.K.) Limited Hong Kong
Runner-up Nanjing Yihao Printing Digital Graphic Imaging Co. China
Runner-up K-print Company Limited Vietnam
Direct Mail Winner TAKEDA PRINTING CO., LTD. Japan
Runner-up Pen’s House Wedding Invitation Production Vietnam
Office Products Winner Fingerprint Ltd Hong Kong
Runner-up KepMedia International Pte Ltd Singapore
POS Winner Enviro Print Group Australia
Poster Winner Suzhou Industrial Park Times Advertising & Decoration Design Co. China
Runner-up Enviro Print Group Australia
Design Winner PLUS Collaboratives Singapore
Runner-up Guangzhou Snail Printing Ltd. China
Specialty Colour Winner Artech Printing & Graphix Pte Ltd Singapore
Runner-up Image Quality Lab Co., Ltd. Thailand
Sustainability Winner Banway Marketing Sdn Bhd Malaysia
Runner-up TVG Thai Co., Ltd. Thailand
Business Effectiveness
-Mock Up Winner SJ Print and Pack Co., Ltd. Thailand

Specialty Colours Winner Guangzhou Zibai Printing Co. China

Digital Fingerprint Winner Hung Hing Offset Printing Co. Ltd Hong Kong
Wide Format (UV) Winner Image Quality Lab Co., Ltd. Thailand

*1: Judges serving on the panel include Paul Callaghan who is the chairman of the Regional Asian Packaging Conference and Asian Print Awards committee, and a publisher at Print Innovation Asia magazine, the region’s only print industry magazine.

*2: Thomas Cole (1801-1848) was an American artist and early environmentalist.

*3: Innovation Print Awards 2021 entries from Australia and New Zealand are not eligible for the Asian Print Awards as they have their own local award.

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Source: FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Source: FUJIFILM Business Innovation