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Full 5G Coverage of Significant Public Spaces in Key Urban Areas in Shenyang, China


A report from CRI online:

Over the past ten years, the city of Shenyang, with its effort to build a robust telecommunication infrastructure, has achieved iterative leaps in the local information and communication industry and successfully constructed the largest 5G mobile communication network in northeast China. This network, consisting of 20,000 5G base stations, provides over 93% network connectivity and full 5G network coverage in key urban areas and significant public spaces.

Currently, Shenyang is accelerating the transformation from a “big industrial city” to a “leading city of high-tech manufacturing” and is making every effort to promote the construction of a national high-tech manufacturing center.

In Shenyang, the Internet is playing an increasingly significant role in the manufacturing industry, with deeper and deeper integration over time. Shenyang’s efforts in integrating industrialization and digitalization have upgraded and transformed its manufacturing industry, paving the road to further digital transformation.

A massive 560,000 square meters elevator and manufacturing facility in Bolinte Elevator, one of the pillar industries of Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group

Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group is a large international private enterprise group whose principal business covers curtain wall and elevator industries. Just like its ambitious name Yuanda, meaning far-reaching and great in Chinese, suggests, the Group has made remarkable achievements through years of development. Since its establishment, the Group has fulfilled orders totaling over CNY 170 billion, and its products are sold in more than 140 countries and regions worldwide.

In the past ten years, Shenyang has implemented more than 400 intelligent transformation projects in the manufacturing industry and designated 48 projects among intelligent factories, digital workshops, digital production lines, etc., for industry-wide demonstration. Enterprises from Shenyang have obtained 22 national intelligent manufacturing projects, and the new factory from BMW Brilliance, along with Haier Group Shenyang factory, etc., have become national intelligent factories. In addition, Shenyang Machine Tool, Neusoft Medical, Shengu Group, and Siasun Robotics became nationally recognized experimental companies for intelligent manufacturing.

As of now, Shenyang has increased the digital R&D design tool penetration rate and key process CNC rate of its major enterprises from 48.7% and 33.7% to 74.1% and 60.3%, respectively.

SOURCE: CRI online