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Fullerton Health Chronicles COVID-19 Journey in E-book

Fullerton Health also operated Vaccination Centres that serves children.

Fullerton Health has today released ‘The Mighty Storm – Fullerton Health Rises to the Challenge’, a 68-page e-book that chronicles Fullerton Health’s struggles, challenges and successes in support of the nation’s two-year fight against the pandemic.

The e-book tells the Fullerton Health COVID-19 story from the perspectives of Fullerton Health’s doctors, nurses, corporate employees and operational personnel. It explores and articulates their experiences, thoughts, and feelings as they navigated the challenges presented them by the pandemic. The personal stories also pay tribute to all frontline workers for their selfless contributions.

Mr Ho Kuen Loon, Group CEO of Fullerton Health said, “This global pandemic was the greatest challenge to humanity in the last century. Fullerton Health had to adapt quickly to continue to serve the needs of our patients and clients. Our people overcame a multitude of challenges. On the frontlines dealing with COVID-19, we truly felt and understood that healthcare is a calling and not just a job. This book was a way to share our experiences.”

We invite you to re-live the journey with us, to view e-book please click here(

Among the stories are:

-Being tested by the storm: A behind-the-scenes look at how Fullerton Health’s COVID-19 battle began.
-The backbone of the fight against COVID-19: The story behind Fullerton Health’s hunt for supplies such as PPEs, gloves, and medicines.
-Creating an extraordinary customer journey: An inside look into how Fullerton Health creates a one-of-a-kind experience for children at our vaccination centres.
-Forward deployment: the intrepid doctor who was deployed to Bangladesh to provide care for the locals who seek work in Singapore.
-Future, Forward, Fast: The innovations of Fullerton Health to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow.

About Fullerton Health

Founded in 2010, Fullerton Health is a leading vertically integrated healthcare platform in Asia Pacific with a proven track record of providing clients and patients with enterprise healthcare solutions. We own and operate an extensive network of healthcare facilities across 9 markets and partner with established and reputable healthcare providers in the region. We harness these resources to provide Affordable and Accessible Care for All in Asia Pacific.

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SOURCE: Fullerton Health