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GAC MOTOR Develops Higher Tech, Right-Hand Drive GS3 for International Sale


GAC MOTOR’s first right-hand drive model — the mass-produced right-hand drive version GS3 was rolled out in Malaysia on December 28, marking GAC MOTOR’s official entry into the right-hand drive market and setting another milestone in the group’s international business.

In addition, GAC MOTOR’s brand showroom located in the center of Kuala Lumpur has also officially opened. After the showroom is put into operation, WTCA, the exclusive local distributor of GAC MOTOR, will gradually increase brand awareness in the local area, maintain customer satisfaction, improve the local retail network, and take advantage of WTCA parent company Tan Chong Group’s five factories in four countries of ASEAN to accelerate the local production.

In keeping with China’s 13th five-year plan, GAC Group’s recently announced “1513” strategy places heavy emphasis on internationalization. The launch of the first right-hand version GS3 is GAC MOTOR’s important implementation of the “1615” strategy, helping to enhance international business and promote high-quality development.

Difference in the Detail

The right-hand drive GS3 may look similar, but there are many fine-tuned differences in the details of this mirror image car, with a total of 130 regulation adjustments being considered.

As well as the obvious change in steering wheel position, all three pedals must be relocated, shift mechanisms adjusted, parking mechanisms changed, and the steering and braking systems must be rematched. ESP must be recalibrated, and the manual gear mount optimized.

The entertainment system of the car has also been upgraded, allowing mobile phones to be linked easily and quickly, and various electronic safety reminders have been added and hardware measurements adjusted to comply with local vehicle safety laws and regulations.

GAC MOTOR is also committed to the pursuit of excellence in aesthetics. To make the end-product internationalized GS3 as attractive as the original, the front grille and overall face of the car were painstakingly readjusted for maximum visual impact.

Global Ambitions

This has been the very first rendering of a GAC MOTOR vehicle into a right-hand drive model.

As well as a stunning vehicle itself, this exercise has provided a rich database of product and safety regulation research that will be useful for future model translation, as well as a tried and tested blueprint for design.

In future, GAC Group looks forward to producing many more internationally optimized vehicles, bringing the power of Chinese craftsmanship to consumers.