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GCL-POLY ENERGY (03800.HK) Officially Renamed as ‘GCL TECH’ to Focus on Technological Innovation


Just after an excellent performance of about USD 460 million profit in the first quarter of 2022, GCL-POLY ENERGY (03800.HK), a globally leading PV material company, released an announcement on [Apr 25, 2022] that the company had obtained the approval from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and changed its short name to GCL TECH.

Founded in 2006 and listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in Nov. 2007, the renaming of GCL TECH is based on the brand new strategic target of ‘ Technical GCL, Digital GCL, Green GCL’, to display a new corporate image and powerful research strength.

Since the establishment, by virtue of technological innovation and intensive cultivation in the industry, GCL TECH has achieved significant breakthroughs in GCL rods silicon technology, FBR granular silicon technology, CCZ technology, etc., and entitled as a leading enterprise in the global PV industry.

The company, after the successful acquisition of the US company SunEdison with USD 150 million in 2017, is known as the first clean energy manufacturer in the world to own independent intellectual property right of granular silicon and have put it into mass production. The product has obtained the first Carbon Footprint Certification both in China and France, and set a new global record of the Lowest Carbon Footprint Record of Silicon Materials. The company’s widespread influence in the PV industry has attracted market players’ attention to its further plans.

As Carbon Neutrality has been set as the goal of major countries in the world, the Chinese government proposed the target of Achieving Carbon Peaking in 2030 and Realizing Carbon Neutrality in 2060. The company changed its short name to GCL TECH at this moment, intending to lead a new round of reform in PV industry by focusing on innovation and technology, with the development of silicon materials at the core of its technological innovation.

GCL Technology Holdings Limited:

GCL TECH is a globally leading developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency PV materials. It has a firm hold on the direction of technological development of high-efficiency PV materials, consistently maintaining its position as a trailblazer in the areas of polysilicon products.

Source: GCL Technology Holdings Limited