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Gefen announces a new feature – video chats without syncing apps

TEL AVIV, Israel

Gefen (ASX: GFN) is now making its video chat widely available to all the agents using its platform. The feature enables agents to invite and have secure video conversations with customers without being required to sync and agree on the platform in advance.

The capability also enables agents to have secure video conversations with visitors on their website and landing pages – visitors that are not yet recognized and registered as customers.

All video conversations are saved and referred to from the Gefen CRM – to allow agents to refer to them in future interactions and to automatically act upon in marketing activities generated by the AI engine.

The secure video capabilities are now available to all agents on the platform.

For further information, please contact:
Investor & Media Enquiries
Gefen International AI LTD
Orni Daniel, Co-CEO

Source: Gefen International

Source: Deep Impact Media Ltd.