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Gefen Is Expanding Interest Tracking Across All Presence Channels

TEL AVIV, Israel

Gefen (ASX: GFN) unifies the agent’s interactions with end-customers across all communication channels – digital and analog. This allows centralized overview of the customer and taking knowledgeable actions based on past interactions and present and future intentions.

The one place where these interactions are not recorded traditionally on a per-customer basis is online presence tools – websites and landing pages. The reason for this is these tools are usually anonymous venues – where customers – even returning customers – are tracked only statistically with limited utility for per-customer future interactions.

Gefen now makes it possible to track specific customer interests per visit. If a customer, arriving from a campaign or returning to a website after a past visit, is landing on a particular page – for example one that is presenting Health Insurance or a specific investment product – this interest is recorded for that customer.

This allows the creation of highly targeted remarketing campaigns – to specifically address each customer’s interests based on recent visits to a website or landing page. It also allows modifying the site for that specific customer so future visits will promote the interest and intent the customer showed “tailored” to them vs serving “one-fits-all” content.

This ability – now available to all users of the platform supports all web sites, landing pages, email and SMS campaigns.

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Source: Gefen International

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