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Gefen’s one CRM to rule them all is expanding

TEL-AVIV, Israel

Gefen (GFN: ASX) is expanding its compliant CRM communication channels support. On its journey to have a one-rule-all platform for all tech needs of the agents, Gefen’s CRM enables the agent to gather in one place all communication channels with customers. These channels include calls, email, text and video chat. Since the CRM works also in the background – there is no need to “learn” a new tool – the agents (or their representatives) can continue using their favorite phone or email client (outlook, mobile) and the call recordings, creation of new customers, emails, attachments – are all added automatically to the right place. This is a must-have mandated by many regulators – having financial conversation and consultation kept ‘on record’ and is a common breach.

The data is analyzed and provides useful insights and products matching.

Gefen is now announcing the recent addition to its communication suite – WhatsApp.

Agents can now integrate their Business WhatsApp account into the conversation module allowing different people in the same agency or support department to pick chats arriving to the account. All conversations are kept on record, integrated into the customer history and all attachments are added to the documents section automatically.

For further information, please contact:
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Orni Daniel, Co-CEO

Source: Gefen International

Source: Gefen International