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German European School Singapore Launches BeyondClassrooms Programme to Prepare Students for an Evolving World

GESS Students at the Signing Ceremony with Evonik

GESS – International School in Singapore has officially announced the launch of its “BeyondClassrooms Programme” and has partnered with many prominent companies leading in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

Global Industry Leaders as Partners

The current partners of the programme include world-renowned manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, BMW Group Asia; German aircraft manufacturer Volocopter who is pioneering electric air taxis in Singapore; global sustainable technology experts Danfoss; BluCurrent, a company specialising in AI-driven fish farms; leading specialty chemicals company Evonik and more.

With the launch of the programme, there will be new internship opportunities, industry lectures, mentorship paths, site visits and career guidance for the 1,800 students in the school.

Preparing Students for an Evolving World

Speaking about why the school has created this consolidated programme, the principal of GESS, Mr. Stefan Pauli said, “All our students are living in a world that is growing so quickly on the science, technology and engineering fronts and we want our students to not be spectators but participants in this advancement. We want to connect them with industries, professionals and frontrunners of these important fields and learn beyond the limits of a classroom.”

The school has already hosted multiple industry talks during the testing phase of the programme. A professor from TUM Asia delivered a talk on “Intelligent Robots and Social Engineering Models”. One of Danfoss’ general managers and engineering specialists from Volocopter have also delivered talks on mobility related technology. Additionally, professionals from BMW Group Asia have conducted mock interviews with students as part of the school’s career guidance programme.

The BeyondClassrooms Programme enhances the school’s STEM offerings. Currently, GESS is the only school outside of Europe to be part of the Junior Engineer Academy network – an engineering programme tailored to 13- and 14-year-old students who are inclined towards engineering. Students undergo training in basic engineering modules with the support of partners and so far, students have built a green wall and a tiny house on campus.

“GESS’ goal is for every child to reach his or her potential. Achieving that goal requires not only excellent teachers and programmes within the school, but also collaboration with parents and outside experts who can provide challenging, authentic and relevant opportunities for learning. The best schools engage in partnerships with their community and GESS aims to be among the best schools,” remarked Joram Hutchins, Academic Director of GESS.

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SOURCE: German European School Singapore