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Gifts of “Shandong Handcraft” for Distinguished Visitors


SHEN COUNTY, China, Apr. 3, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

In early April, Alexander Yudin, a professor at Moscow University, was invited to Ganquan High School in Shen County, Shandong Province to participate in a cultural exchange activity. The event aims to showcase the charm and elegance of “Shandong Handcraft” and contribute to nurturing new-era elites with a strong sense of patriotism and a global outlook.

During his visit, Professor Alexander gave a lecture to the students in the international experimental class. The students enthusiastically engaged with him, immersing themselves in his impeccable pronunciation, humorous language, lively expressions, and diverse range of topics.

In the exhibition area featuring “Shandong Handcraft” paper-cutting art, lifelike artworks vividly depicted the profound essence of Chinese traditional culture. Professor Alexander displayed a keen interest in Chinese heritage, asking detailed questions and attentively listening, frequently expressing his admiration with a thumbs-up gesture. Subsequently, the school principal presented him with a paper-cutting artwork as a token of appreciation. Professor Alexander graciously accepted the gift, promising to treasure it dearly. “Shandong Handcraft” serves as a medium for preserving and promoting outstanding traditional culture. Through this activity, the school aims to advance holistic character education and personal development.

Shen County boasts a rich paper-cutting tradition spanning over two centuries. Crafted from delicate Xuan paper and meticulously carved with small sharp knives or precision-cut with scissors, paper-cutting emphasizes the significance of lines as the foundation of its artistry. Achieving the effect of “thousands of cuts without faltering and ten thousand cuts without breaking” is a hallmark of this craft. Today, Shen County’s paper-cutting tradition has transcended the confines of rural courtyards, finding its place in the expansive realm of modern design. It shines brightly in various fields such as product packaging, trademark advertising, interior decoration, and clothing design, showcasing its enduring relevance and versatility.

Source: Information Office of the People's Government of Shen County