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Global Innovative Solutions to introduce GSI, a green token which aims to fight pollution


Global Innovative Solutions, has formulated one of the most revolutionary green crypto projects which will come to market early in 2022. GSI was born with a promise: “Reduce pollution around the world by leveraging the use of blockchain.”

Reducing pollution through blockchain will be possible thanks to the collaboration of Global Innovative Solutions and two other Italian-based partners, Tesimag and Blu Gold Group, companies engaged in ecological and eco-sustainable work. GSI tokens focus on innovative and environmentally supportive projects that help fight pollution: financing and developing activities that are ecologically sustainable. Initially, funding will help meet long-term needs but the fund will also support humanitarian actions that can be managed by local organizations in various parts of the world. Each GSI token – and green mining – will correspond to a real and concrete reduction of pollution, certified on blockchain.

Presale is divided into four steps, with the first presale of the GSI token on 21 January 2022.

There will be a Buy-Back Program with a commitment by Global Innovative Solutions to reinvest 21% of profits generated each month, in the purchase of GSI Tokens at market. Additionally, each month, GSI will donate 2% of profits to charity for water purification and pollution reduction, following the “2030 Agenda goals”.

The release will be at 1% per month, so throughout the pre-sale path, tokens will remain locked in after launch and can be redeemed in the wallet at the rate of 1% per month, thus avoiding devaluation and providing increasing value in the long term.

Within the system, Global Innovative Solutions will play the role of “broker”: acquiring orders on behalf of Tesimag and Blu Gold Group. Clients send full payment to the broker. The two companies, on the other hand, when performing the work or delivering the goods, will receive their compensation but with a fundamental clarification: one part immediately in euros or dollars, and another part in GSI. Global Innovative Solutions will use half of the payment received to buy the tokens from the market, and pass them on to the executing company. This step marks a clear demarkation with any other project: every order received by Global Innovative Solutions will determine an automatic and natural increase in the price of the GSI token.

“No money is generated if it does not correspond to a real and concrete reduction in pollution,” emphasises GSI CEO and co-founder Giuseppe Giacalone.
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Source: Global Innovative Solutions

Source: Global Innovative Solutions