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Global Internet Pioneer Outlines Vision for Asia Pacific Internet Governance


— Hong Kong-based Lu Heng champions “one world, one internet”

Lu Heng, the CEO and founder of LARUS Limited, the global market leader in IP solutions, has unveiled his vision for the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) Executive Council (EC) elections.

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APNIC, one of the world’s five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), is responsible for allocating and managing IP addresses and providing related services throughout the Asia-Pacific region. As a staunch supporter of digital globalization and of the maxim “One World, One Internet”, Lu Heng argues for a fair internet experience, healthy competition and resolving pricing issues in the current IPv4 market, as well as accelerating the adoption of IPv6 being central to APNIC’s governance.

Commenting on his one world, one internet vision Lu Heng said, “The governance and pricing challenges facing ISP companies in Australia and New Zealand are the same as those in all APNIC member states including the Philippines, China, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. My two-year plan as an APNIC board member is to put the voice of all members, in all countries who are striving to build a fair and equal internet for the world at the very heart of APNIC’s decision making.”

Lu Heng draws on his more than ten years of experience in Internet governance within the RIR system. LARUS Limited, which Lu Heng founded in 2016, is the only IP service provider in Hong Kong and a leading IP solution provider worldwide, having leased more than 10 million IP addresses to date to customers in over 60 countries.

APNIC is governed by the eight-member EC, which is composed of seven members elected for two-year terms, as well as the Director General of APNIC. Lu Heng is running for a seat on the APNIC EC, with voting scheduled to begin February 17 and end on March 3 at the conclusion of the 2022 edition of the Asia Pacific Network Technology Summit (APRICOT). Lu Heng, who was nominated for APNIC’s EC by Huawei Singapore as well as two of the largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Pakistan, is keenly committed to APNIC’s core vision of “a global, open, stable and secure Internet”.

Voting for the Executive Council is open to all APNIC members and will take place online through the MyApnic portal.

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