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Global Media Representatives Delving into Captivating Culture-Manufacturing Fusion in Dongguan


Nearly 100 media guests converged upon Dongguan on December 5 and 6 on the sidelines of the 5th World Media Summit, which unfolds in neighboring Guangzhou between December 2 and 8, according to the Organizing Committee. On top of touring Songshan Lake Science City, they also immersed in the rich tapestry of Chinese agarwood culture and delved into the symbiosis of the city's dynamic art toy industry that blends its manufacturing prowess and cultural vibrancy. In so doing, they gleaned profound insights into Dongguan's evolution across smart manufacturing, industry transformation, entrepreneurial ingenuity, cultural heritage preservation, and the burgeoning landscape of leisure tourism.

A globally renowned manufacturing powerhouse, Dongguan has forged a modern industrial ecosystem with advanced manufacturing at its core. It is home to a network of over 200,000 industrial enterprises, which collectively manufacture over 60,000 product varieties under 34 major categories. Within the impressive framework have emerged a trillion-yuan electronic information cluster, a 500-billion-yuan equipment manufacturing hub, and three 100-billion-yuan clusters dedicated to new materials, food and beverages, and textile and apparel.

Today, the southern Chinese city emerges as one of China's most dynamic, open economies, housing over 13,000 foreign-funded enterprises, with a cumulative foreign investment exceeding 80 billion US dollars. Upon learning that, Mohammed Mali, Director of the Overseas News Center of the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Lebanon, gave a thumbs-up, hopeful that media reporters would journey to China to perceive the pulse of its development themselves.

At China Agarwood Culture Museum, the ancient art of incense trails demonstrated by an incense lore master sparked widespread interest. "We are eager to delve into the life and thoughts of the Chinese people. Here in the agarwood museum, we have witnessed the enchanting historical and cultural allure of China, which is key to understanding the country," said a media delegate from Turkmenistan.

Exploring the global flagship store of X11 at Dongguan's One City, a shopping mall, media representatives were intrigued by fascinating art toys. About 85% of such toys come from the city as it is now home to more than 4,000 toy manufacturers and nearly 1,500 toy-related businesses, making it the largest toy exporter in China.

Upon their visit, media delegates expressed that the journey enabled them to break free from the preconceived notions of Dongguan merely as the "factory of the world". They acknowledged the city as a manufacturing hub underpinned by an enabling environment of scientific research and innovation. The burgeoning art toy industry, emblematic of Dongguan's strong industrial roots and youthful, stylish ambiance, also provided them with a unique perspective. Through the lens of the city, they sensed the boundless vitality driving the dynamic development of the Greater Bay Area.

Source: The Organizing Committee of the 5th World Media Summit