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“Global Recognition for Unique AI Human Technology” DeepBrain AI participates ‘NVIDIA GTC 2022’, Presenting AI Human Technology and Research Outcome


DeepBrain AI CTO Kyung-Soo Chae presents time-reducing, lip sync video synthesis technology.

Participates in “Digital Human and Interactive AI” session panel to introduce current status of AI Human industry.

DeepBrain AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced today that it participated in the “NVIDIA GTC 2022,” the world’s largest AI developer conference, and announced AI human-based research results and overall technology.


The “NVIDIA GTC (GPU Technology Conference)” is a global technology conference organized by NVIDIA, a leader in AI computing technology, and was held as an online live session from March 21 to 24. Companies from all over the world participate in more than 500 live sessions, including deep learning artificial intelligence, data science, high-performance computing, and robotics technology, to showcase technology and discuss related agendas with participants.

DeepBrain AI Chief Technology Officer Kyung-Soo Chae attended the session presentation under the theme of “Toward Real-Time Audiovisual Conversation with Artificial Humans,” which enables real-time video and voice-based communication.

CTO Kyung-Soo Chae representatively introduced DeepBrain AI’s lip-syncing video synthesis technology that enables real-time conversations between AI humans and people. In addition to the technology to generate high-resolution lip-sync videos at four times the speed of time through its own artificial neural network structure design, it also announced research results that succeeded in reducing synthesis time to 1/3 by applying NVIDIA’s deep learning inference optimization SDK.

In addition, DeepBrain AI participated as a panel of “Digital Human and Convergent AI” sessions to announce AI human technology and specific business status. Through real-time questions and answers that followed, it actively communicated with industry officials and introduced DeepBrain AI’s AI human technology use cases and future business plans.

DeepBrain AI CTO Kyung-Soo Chae said, “The area that takes the most time and money to implement AI humans is video and voice synthesis, and DeepBrain AI’s unique technology has announced the results of reducing high-quality video synthesis time in 1/12 of real time.”

Meanwhile, DeepBrain AI is considered one of the top three global companies with global technology for interactive artificial intelligence using deep learning-based video synthesis and voice synthesis source technologies. It has attracted attention as an AI Human solution that creates a virtual human capable of real-time two-way communication through deep learning artificial intelligence technology.

John Son