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Global Solicitation of LOGO Design for China’s Millennium-old Chengxiang Ancient Town Starts

Chengxiang Ancient Town

On March 22, Chengxiang Town, which is located in Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu, China, launched a global solicitation for LOGO (VI) of the millennium-old Chengxiang Ancient Town. The solicitation will last until April 20. Global designers, artists, teachers and students from art academies and the general public are invited to participate in the event. The final winner’s work will become the visual cultural label of this ancient town and be preserved forever.

To motivate participants, the organizer of this event Chengxiang Town took out nearly RMB 200,000 to reward the creators of excellent works. There will be one first prize winner who will receive RMB 120,000 in prize money, two second prize winners who will receive RMB 20,000 in prize money respectively, three third prize winners who will receive RMB 10,000 in prize money respectively and 20 prize nominees who will be awarded certificates of honor, according to Qingbaijiang District Government.

Chengxiang Ancient Town is located in the north-east of Chengdu, a metropolis in southwest China. It has a long history of 1,600 years, adjacent to Sanxingdui Museum and Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. This event aims to create a recognizable cultural tourism brand for Chengxiang Ancient Town through visual symbols, to promote the history, culture, delicacy, beautiful scenery and other tourism resources of the millennium town and to show the charm of this Oriental millennium town to the world.


I. Identifiability: A distinct theme is required for the design, with the cultural elements and thematic elements of Chengxiang Ancient Town as the core. The brand new LOGO design scheme should be easily identified and publicized. All submitted works should be composed of the complete Chinese and English name of the “Chengxiang Ancient Town” and the basic combination of LOGO (LOGO should comply with Chinese laws and regulations).

II. Practicability: The application of the LOGO elements can be extended, with plenty of image expression and artistic appeal, and can be applied to the overall image combination and a variety of applications, including the application examples of derivative products such as full-domain guidance, exhibitions, signage, publicity materials, digital media and basic materials (such as paper cups, umbrellas and file bags).

III. Originality: All submitted works must be the original works of submitters, and the submitters shall bear full legal responsibility for the copyright of the submitted works. If the works involve infringement, the designers shall bear all damages caused thereby. The copyright and right of use of the winning works belong to the collecting party.

IV. Versatility: The design works should be able to be used and publicized on a variety of occasions, materials and carriers.

V. Globalization: The design works should be fashionable and modern, suitable for the publicity, marketing and promotion of Chengxiang Ancient Town in the domestic and international markets.

Time of Registration: March 22 to April 20
Email for Submission:

For more details of the event, please visit the WeChat Official Account of Chengxiang Ancient Town “IN Chengxiang” or click the link

Source: Qingbaijiang District Government of Chengdu