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Going for Glory with Yili’s Iconic Football Dream Team

Yili builds a "dream team" with a full range of star players.

The world’s biggest football event has kicked off. Since the beginning of 2022, Yili Group has announced sponsorship deals with some of the world’s best national football teams, including Argentina, Portugal, Spain, and Germany, as well as international football superstars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and David Beckham.

Yili believes that “Great Quality Comes from PASSION” and has therefore been a longtime supporter of sports development. The company has built a seventeen-year partnership with the Olympic Games, sponsors the CBA League and the Asian Cup and handpicked a world football “dream team” in 2022. All these efforts represent the dedication Yili commits to health and sports.

Yili’s handpicked football “dream team”

The Argentina national football team is renowned for quick direct attacks, Portugal’s team for well-balanced attack and defense capabilities, Spain’s team for its mastered “tiki-taka” style of short, quick passes, and the German team for its efficient and highly organized style of play. Their respective success is inextricably linked to their passion for the sport.

This passion is why Yili has also signed international football superstars, who have impacted the next generation. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s top goal-scorers, known for his tenacity, self-discipline, and growth mindset. Neymar is famed for not only his incredible skills but also for being a team leader who has brought the Brazil team back to glorious heights. Former owner of the Manchester United No.7 shirt and his famed curve shot, David Beckham, has inspired people around the world.

Yili shares the same passion for excellence with them and aspires to reach for glory, alongside this iconic football “dream team”.

New consumption scenarios

Yili has presented surprises for football fans. It has launched the “dream team” limited edition packaging, which features all of the football superstars signed by Yili. To attract more football enthusiasts, football-themed interactive campaigns have also been launched, involving prediction games and blind boxes.

Yili’s healthy dairy products, such as AMBPOMIAL yogurt, Meiyitian active lactobacillus drinks, and Satine organic milk, are best for bringing nutrients to football fans while watching late night matches.

Yili has developed innovative products and expanded consumption scenarios to meet customer needs. It supports global sports events and safeguards the health of consumers around the world by delivering nutritious and high-quality products.

Better life for everyone

Today, public awareness of fitness has already been greatly advanced. However, there is progress that can still be made. Therefore, Yili, remains dedicated to achieving the vision of “World Integrally Sharing Health”, as key and driving motivation. The company is taking action to safeguard consumer health by advocating for healthy lifestyles and by launching public campaigns to encourage more people to participate in physical activities.

Yili and its subsidiary brands have recently launched several new innovative campaigns. It has teamed up with China Youth Daily and to encourage college students to make short movies highlighting their passion for football. Yili Nutrition 2030 has developed the “For Children’s Football Dreams” project, which provides professional training courses, uniforms, football kits and nutritional goods to children.

Living life with passion and to the fullest is itself, an inherent guiding principle. The formation of the “dream team” reflects Yili’s understanding of football and dedication to the health of all people. In the future, Yili will maintain this passion and strive to be a healthy food provider to the world.

Source: Yili Group