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Greenland Holding Group bridges overseas firms and China opportunities with strong CIIE presence

Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub

During the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE), Greenland Holding Group, a Shanghai-headquartered large global enterprise group, is taking part in the annual grand trade event as a purchaser, organizer and service provider by giving full play to its resource allocation prowess in commerce and trade.

This year, Greenland has set up a food pavilion in the food and consumer goods exhibition zone, and organized 300 overseas brands from 30 countries and regions to participate in the expo. Over 70 percent of these overseas enterprises come from countries along the Belt and Road or RECP member countries.

During the expo, 15 new products including Afghan dried fruits, Japanese oysters, Colombian coffee beans and Uruguayan beef will be released. Purchase orders will also be signed with over 30 companies from Australia, Brazil, France, Uruguay, Vietnam and other countries.

Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub, a perennial trading service platform that stays open throughout the year, is just across the road from the venue of CIIE, which usually runs for six days. The trading hub is home to 61 national pavilions where commodities and cultural elements of various countries are on display and for sale.

During the CIIE, more than 30 activities such as new product launch, purchase signing and livestreaming sales will be held in the trading hub to amplify the expo’s spillover effects. In addition, the CIIE Market, the first CIIE consumption business format created by Greenland, will pick up pace in opening new stores in Shanghai’s main commercial areas.

Greenland will continue to play the role of a transit station for overseas resources to enter the Chinese market, said Xue Yingjie, assistant president of Greenland Holding Group.

The group will build a commercial and trade industrial chain of imported goods, especially CIIE products, to help overseas enterprises share opportunities in China, serve the Chinese market with global resources, and contribute to improvement of Chinese people’s life quality, Xue said.

Source: Greenland Holding Group