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Guan County Cultivates New Quality Productive Forces to Empower Development


GUAN COUNTY, China, Mar. 22, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

“Last year, our company sold 5,000 sets of various elevating work platform equipment with a sales revenue of 210 million yuan, of which the crawler type was ranked among the top three in the domestic industry.” Recently, in the production workshop of Hered (Shandong) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., EDA of Guan County, Shandong Province, Assistant General Manager Guo Guangfu said with joy that with the release of the company’s Phase II project, the company’s production capacity has entered a period of rapid growth. “Currently, the company’s orders are scheduled to May, and its annual planned sales volume is expected to exceed 10,000 sets.” 

Image: The production workshop of Hered (Shandong) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., EDA of Guan County, Shandong Province, China

Hered (Shandong) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service of mobile elevating work platforms. The company mainly produces vertical, articulated-arm, and crawler-type elevating work vehicles, with an annual production capacity of over 20,000 units. Their products are exported to international markets, including the United States, Singapore, South Korea, and Turkey. “Our products’ strong sales are attributed to our focus on research and innovation, as well as our commitment to service,” said Guo. The company has established a research and development team of over 30 people and carried out technical cooperation with the Dalian University of Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology. They have applied for eight patents for research and development and 15 utility model patents.

In fostering new quality productive forces, Guan County emphasizes innovation, technological transformation, and digital empowerment, enhancing the “GuanTongBan” government service brand. The local government encourages the establishment of key laboratories, research and development centers, and other innovation platforms to promote the transition of research and development institutions from “physical coverage” to “effective coverage.” By tapping into technological renovation investment projects, they are propelling the upgrading of the manufacturing industry. They are vigorously implementing the “intelligence reform and digital transformation,” focusing on building smart factories and digital workshops, promoting the integrated development of industrialization and information technology, and comprehensively enhancing enterprise competitiveness. With a focus on intelligent manufacturing, they are starting with key enterprises and leveraging the support of the industrial internet to enhance industrial capacity and efficiency, seizing development opportunities in the market. They are also exploring the “GuanXianTong + Pre-Approval” model, conducting pre-approval for construction project design schemes, striving to achieve “land acquisition and construction commencement” for projects, and streamlining procedures for land, planning, and construction simultaneously.

Source: Information Office of People's Government of Guan County