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Guan County, Shandong Province: Ten Thousand Mu of Pear Orchards Present Beautiful Spring Scenery


GUAN COUNTY, China, April 10, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/—

Recently, the 2024 Countryside Good Festival & Joyful and Vibrant Living Event (Liaocheng) and the 19th Guan County Pear Orchard Cultural Tourism Week kicked off at the “First Pear Orchard of China” in Guan County, Shandong Province. From late March to early April every year, the ancient pear trees in this orchard burst into bloom, painting a picturesque scene with their snow-white blossoms, attracting numerous tourists to admire and revel in the beauty.

Guan County boasts a history of pear cultivation spanning over centuries, with 50,000 mu of pear trees gracing its landscape. The “First Pear Orchard of China”, covering ten thousand mu, offers enchanting views throughout the year, showcasing the splendors of spring blossoms, summer greenery, autumn fruits, and winter tranquility. Leveraging the pear orchards as a focal point, the local community has energetically promoted rural tourism, highlighting local customs and presenting the charming rural landscapes of the modern era, thus contributing to rural revitalization.

In recent years, Guan County has emphasized its attributes as “Red Guan County”, “Chinese Pear Hometown”, “Birthplace of Wu Xun”, and “Ganoderma Blessed Land”. It has also promoted five major themes: “humanities, red (culture), ecology, countryside, and study tours.” Enhancements to various aspects of cultural and tourism infrastructure, including dining, lodging, leisure, shopping, and healthcare facilities, have facilitated the seamless integration of cultural and tourism experiences. Furthermore, significant efforts have been directed towards developing “holistic tourism” and realizing the vision of “panoramic Guan County”. Leveraging key attractions such as the First Pear Orchard of China, the Majia River Ecological Wetland, and the Seven Colors Farm Study Base, Guan County is actively fostering new forms of integrated tourism, combining the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. The county is dedicated to crafting premium tourist routes that showcase its essence, offering visitors experiences such as exploring the hometown of Wu Xun, marveling at the pear blossom sea, commemorating revolutionary heritage sites, and savoring the distinctive characteristics of Guan County. This concerted effort has solidified the Pear Blossom Festival, Cherry Festival, Camping Festival, and Rural Cultural Tourism Festival as hallmark events on Guan County’s tourism calendar.

Source: Information Office of the People's Government of Guan County