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Guangxi: “Cultural exports” continue to attract tourists


In October, a play from Guangxi attracted the attention of local audiences and tourists from around the world in Malacca, Malaysia.The creative acrobatic drama "Baiyue Daosheng", produced by Guangxi Cultural Industry Group, has been performed here for 24 days since October 6, and has been well received by the audience and continued to ferment. The lush paddy fields in the green mountains, the games carnival in the village festival, and the hard work, comfortable living and indulgent singing and dancing of farmers and women… The familiar rice culture background quickly narrowed the distance between the hearts of the audience. People immersed in the cross-border cultural resonance and emotional resonance, and completed a spiritual journey of cultural exchange and mutual learning of civilizations on and off the stage. The success of "Baiyue Daosheng" in Malaysia is an epitome of Guangxi's deepening cultural exchange and cooperation with the outside world. Guangxi actively participates in the joint construction of "The Belt and Road", strengthens multi-level civilization dialogue and multi-form cultural exchanges, and continues to expand the overseas influence of Guangxi culture. The "Guangxi Style" cultural name card is more beautiful.

Since 2012, Guangxi art troupes have gone to the United States, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and other 4 continents 27 countries for nearly 60 performances. The dance poem "Dong", the dance drama "The Flower World", "The Kiln Changes Thousands of Colors", "Liu Sanjie", the acrobatics drama "The Clothes of One Hundred Birds", the puppet show "You Yi Xin Yun" and other excellent Guangxi plays have a great shine overseas.

In recent years, Guangxi Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Writers Association undertook the "China-Mekong River National Literature Forum", held the first "Li River Literature Night" and other activities, promoted a dozen works of Guangxi writers translated into Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia for publication; at the same time, actively promoted the ASEAN literature into Guangxi, invited ASEAN writers to Guangxi for literature lectures, and carried out gathering activities. This year, the China Writers Association ASEAN Literature Exchange Center was established in Nanning, further promoting the mutual understanding between Chinese writers and ASEAN writers and writers' organizations, and advancing the exchanges between China and ASEAN in a higher, broader and deeper direction.Since 2012, Guangxi has exported more than 4,200 book copyrights overseas.

Today, ASEAN is the largest market for the export of audio-visual programs in China. Guangxi has established cooperative relations with more than 60 media organizations from 38 countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, and established international communication workstations, translation stations and liaison stations in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. It has jointly produced programs such as Chinese Theater, Chinese TV Dramas and Chinese Cartoons, and translated and broadcast 168 films and TV dramas with nearly 7,200 episodes. Among them, translated dramas The Daughter of the Mountain and Love in the Mountains and Sea, films The Celestial Harp and Beautiful Life, cartoons The Legend of the Bronze Drum and The Magical Journey of Karst are popular in ASEAN countries, serving as a wonderful window for ASEAN people to learn about China and Guangxi.

Guangxi is a front window for China's opening up and cooperation with ASEAN countries and an important gateway for the Belt and Road Initiative. It has a unique geographical advantage in cultural exchanges with foreign countries and promoting inter-civilization exchanges and mutual learning. Guangxi implements the Global Civilization Initiative, actively participates in the joint construction of "The Belt and Road", gives full play to the unique advantages of geographical proximity, affinity between people and cultural connections with ASEAN countries, and carries out various forms of civilization dialogue and cultural exchange activities. Through cultural cooperation with ASEAN countries at the local level, Guangxi deepens the China-ASEAN comprehensive strategic partnership, and helps build a closer China-ASEAN community with a shared future, vividly interpreting the profound connotation of "harmonious coexistence and common future".

Source: The Publicity Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region