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Guangxi Yulin Hosts 2023 Duanwu Festival Cultural Events

YULIN, China
Exciting action on-site at the "Shui Yun Jing Du" Dragon Boat Invitational

Dragon boats raced across the river under the summer sun, as spectators on the shores screamed while drums on the boats roared. That was a part of the excitement of the "Shui Yun Jing Du" Dragon Boat Invitational that took place on the afternoon of June 20th in Yulin of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. On the same day, the opening ceremony of the "Dragon of Duanwu, Tides of Yulin" 2023 Yulin City Duanwu Cultural Carnival and Mid-year Joyful Life and Happy Shopping campaign were held inside the Yulin Garden Expo Park.

This year, the traditional Chinese celebration of the Duanwu Festival is to be celebrated on June 22nd. Savoring zongzi glutinous rice dumplings, enjoying intangible cultural heritage and watching dragon boat races have long been traditional Duanwu customs in Yulin beloved by local folks. Between the 20th and the 24th, the city of Yulin hosted around a dozen activities including the likes of "Shui Yun Jing Du" Dragon Boat Invitational, "Yulin Style, China Chic" Intangible Cultural Heritage Bazaar and commencement ceremony of the 2023 Guangxi Culture Tourism Consumption Night Market (Yulin – Main Market). Various counties, cities and districts of Yulin also synchronously sponsored and organized unique cultural tourism and commercial events, totaling over 25 activities in all, according to the Publicity Department of Yulin Municipal Government.

On the day of the opening ceremony, festivities kicked off with a performance named Jubilation of Dragon and Lion, alongside Hakka Charms, a tea-picking opera of the southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and a national-level intangible cultural heritage. In addition, an acrobatic circus act titled Power and Beauty, performed by Bobai County Folk Culture and Art Protection, Inheritance and Performance Center, also garnered thunderous applause. Yulin's acrobatics are renowned for innovative development, having won numerous awards and have been performed in over 30 nations and regions.

At the Yulin Garden Expo Park, the "Yulin Style, China Chic" Intangible Cultural Heritage Bazaar was buzzing with activities. The sponsor organized more than 30 stands for intangible cultural heritage, trendy goods and foods, creating an immersive arcade emanating old-school charms and China chic, allowing visitors to revel in the funs of traditional culture while enjoying a good time.

During the "Shui Yun Jing Du" Dragon Boat Invitational, 12 dragon boat teams competed in a thrilling race. Featuring a 300-meters course, four racing lanes, 22-person vessels and more than 300 racers, this race attracted throngs of locals and visitors alike to gather on the banks of the river and experience from a point-blank distance the unique charisma and excitement of Duanwu Festival. Thumping drum beats amplified passionate cheers and shouts, and the atmosphere pulsated with energy.

Located in the southeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yulin is a beautiful place and in recent years the city has simultaneously carried out numerous measures to promote the high-quality development of its culture and tourism industries. Positioning itself as a "strong city of culture and tourism", Yulin has been included in the second batch of national culture and tourism consumption pilot cities and the list of the top hundred cities for health tourism in China.

Source: The Publicity Department of Yulin Municipal Government