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Guanxian County of Shandong to Build an Industrial Cluster of Bearing (Forging)

High-quality Development Conference 2023

On Nov. 14, themed "Craftsmanship in Forging Industry of Qingshui," the 2023 Guanxian County China Bearing (Forging) Industry High-quality Development Conference was held in Guanxian County of Liaocheng to promote the favorable development environment of bearing (forging) industry and quality bearing products and seek new opportunities for the industry upgrade, through expert lectures, high-level forums, exhibitions, investment promotion, negotiations, cooperation contract signing, field visits, exchange and guidance.

During the event, Liaocheng City government and Guanxian County government entered into strategic cooperation agreements with China Bearing Industry Association, Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry, and Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd. Additionally, 15 key projects in the bearing (forging) industry of Guanxian County were signed on-site, with a total value of 10.22 billion yuan, according to the News Office of People's Government of Guanxian County.

Guanxian County, known as a prominent bearing forging hub in China, holds over 1/4 of the Chinese market share. With 528 bearing processing enterprises, 11,000 machine tools, and a workforce of over 20,000 employees, it boasts an annual production and processing capacity of over 1 million tons and generates an output value of 8 billion yuan. The county's products have gained popularity both domestically and internationally. In 2023, its green and intelligent forging industry was designated as part of the provincial special industrial clusters, while Qingshui Town was recognized as the top town for bearing forging in China.

Based on the industrial foundation and advantages, Guanxian County has planned and constructed two bearing (forging) industrial parks to high standards. The brand "Guanxian Bearing Forged in Qingshui" has been established and promoted, aiming to drive the growth of the bearing and supporting industries through professional collaboration and foster a new development pattern that encompasses all aspects and stages of production. Zhang Xuehong, the CPC Committee Secretary of the county, expressed optimism about the prosperous future of the county's bearing forging industry. Over the next 3-5 years, Guanxian County aims to establish an industrial cluster valued at ten billion yuan in the bearing (forging) industry and strive to become a nationally influential industrial hub.

Source: News Office of People's Government of Guanxian County