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Guiyang achieves progress in smart city through high-quality development


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Guiyang, capital city of Southwest China’s Guizhou Province has made significant progress in in building smart city and achieved high-quality development with a new round of information technologies.

Listed as a national-level smart city pilot, Guiyang relies on a number of projects to set an example for smart city and provides smart management service.

Big data drives the development of smart transportation

Living in Guiyang, parking has become more and more convenient. As long as you open the Guiyang Smart Parking app, you can use this app to inquire about Guiyang parking information online, and at the same time find a parking lot with available parking space. In addition, functions such as electronic driver’s license, vehicle violation inquiry, and annual vehicle inspection are also available.

Smart parking app is one of the achievements of Guiyang’s exploration in building a smart city, focusing on solving the difficulties of urban development and improving people’s lives.

In terms of smart transportation, in June 2020, the “face swiping for travel in Guiyang” project was officially launched. When citizens take the subway and bus BRT, they can “swipe their faces” to pass through each station after one-time registration.

In addition to swiping faces to ride the bus, other functions such as real-time bus line inquiries, transfer inquiries, and bell reminders for arrivals are also available. In Guiyang, citizens can easily handle it with just a smartphone.

In recent years, Guiyang has set the construction of smart public transport as an important part of building a smart city. Relying on big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, all public transportation in the main urban area of Guiyang has achieved intelligent scheduling, smart travel and efficient operation to better serve the passengers.

By promoting the application of big data in the field of smart transportation, Guiyang has continuously optimized the allocation of transportation resources, and the level of transportation management has been significantly improved. With the development of smart transportation in Guiyang, citizens’ sense of gain and happiness has been further enhanced.

Big data drives development of smart government service

Guiyang is constantly exploring the construction of a smart city, focusing on solving the difficulties of urban development and people’s lives.

In recent years, Guiyang continued to strengthen the construction of government information systems by taking the advantages of big data, and has established a full-process integrated online government affairs service platform supported by the e-government extra-net and Cloud Guizhou. At present, all government services in Guiyang can be handled online.

At the same time, Guiyang has promoted the urban services from the web to the mobile application, and has successively launched a number of mobile apps and mini-program systems that were convenient for the citizens, realizing the hand-held handling of more than 200 government service.

In Guiyang, government service has become more and more efficient, which greatly helped citizens to handle their affairs. The benefits brought by the construction of smart cities were constantly being released.