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GWM HAVAL JOLION, the Youthful Design Leading a New Trend


In February 2022, GWM launched the HAVAL JOLION Vanta in the Australian market, which is a special edition with a more dynamic appearance and distinctive trim, and this brand new design style has attracted more users’ attention.


GWM HAVAL JOLION, the Youthful Design Leading a New Trend

Since Australian users is keen on car modifications, it has been upgraded based on HAVAL JOLION, with Mars Red paint, black wheels, and black bumpers, etc. These details have created a sense of a sportier atmosphere to meet the individual needs of users.

Actually, HAVAL JOLION was aimed to meet the needs of younger users initially. In terms of modelling design, it adopts fashionable design style and dynamic colors, combined with the product concept of pursuing a true self in order to resonate with young people’s life attitudes. In addition, this vehicle also formulated intelligent configuration according to the demands of users in global markets.

The design of the appearance combines the sense of “strength” and “energy”. With simple and clear lines, especially the smooth double waistlines, HAVAL JOLION looks like an athlete who is ready to start running. For example, many young users post some daily stories on Instagram that they would choose “Energy Green” and “Sapphire Blue” HAVAL JOLION as the first car in their life.

The intelligent configuration of HAVAL JOLION is one of the most attractive features for many users who pursue youthful products. The access to direct connection with smartphones and synchronous screen sharing make the car possible for users to build a private entertainment environment. With the cable connected to the center console screen, users can also play games, listen to music, or enjoy a movie for fun.

In order to meet the youthful demand of Thailand consumers for new energy vehicles, HAVAL JOLION HEV has recently been produced in Thailand. AUTOSPINN, a local professional car review website, released an article and commented that “Overall, it adopts the L.E.M.O.N. DHT system, which can give full play to power performance and save fuel at any time, bringing a unique experience.”

Recently, GWM announced the sales volume that HAVAL JOLION sales increased by over 70% in the last year fourth quarter. After launching in overseas market for more than half a year, it has successively achieved the top five best-selling SUVs in South Africa and Saudi Arabia. The youthful design of this brand new car has gradually been recognized by more and more global users.

Source: GWM