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GWM Holds POER Fan Festival 2022, Sharing Full-scenario Pickup Life with Global Users

GWM Holds POER Fan Festival 2022, Sharing Full-scenario Pickup Life with Global Users

On August 18, GWM held POER Fan Festival 2022 in Guilin city, Southwest China, to celebrate the brand’s third anniversary and demonstrate the charm of full-scenario pickup life to international users.

GWM invited many experts, media and users from the fields of off-road, modification and outdoor sports to witness this essential moment with POER’s global fans. The company also meticulously set up a variety of special activities, such as off-road test drives, mountaineering academies and modification exhibitions.

Haobao Zhang, CEO of GWM PICKUP, said, “GWM PICKUP adheres to category innovation and co-creation with global users. Through the third anniversary, users around the world will learn about GWM POER and enjoy the full-scenario pickup life.”

Diversified off-road test drive scenarios help drivers to experience the strength of GWM POER in all travelling scenarios. The test drive was held at Jinlong International Circuit in Guilin and included various challenging experience items, such as off-road towing, driving on a gravel road and driving uphill. When towing a camper, GWM POER offered sufficient and reliable power to test drivers and facilitated them to handle tough driving conditions.

In the interactive area of the mountaineering academy, the rock climbing program attracted many climbing enthusiasts to experience. GWM POER invited a number of professional instructors to introduce protective measures and climbing skills and provide guidance for users in climbing. This activity well matches the excellent performance and the concept of challenging the limits of the product, giving users an amazing and interesting outdoor experience.

GWM POER also set up a pickup modification exhibition, which provides opportunities for modified car enthusiasts to compete and communicate. The exhibition attracted many car owners and fans. Users showed their fantastic modified cars and shared modification ideas and products to create an enthusiastic atmosphere for modified cars.

During the event, GWM POER officially launched the 2.0 era of the brand and announced its commitment to establish a global user brand. The large-size and high-performance luxury pickup of GWM POER also officially started a campaign to invite the netizens to suggest a global name.

To offer more diverse new experiences for users and fans, POER-SPACE, the world’s first high-end pickup flagship dealership of GWM POER, will officially open on August 25 this year.

Actually, GWM POER has made outstanding achievements in the global market in the past three years since its launch. As of now, it has entered more than 50 countries in the world, with total sales exceeding 300,000 units.

“GWM POER will keep developing high-end premium models to bring a brand-new, intelligent, luxurious and comfortable experience to global users”, said Haobao Zhang.

GWM plans to promote two new models, POER off-road edition and Jingangpao (for Chinese market) to the global market successively to bring more customized product experiences to users worldwide.